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Affirmations for 2016

1.       I am no longer a prisoner of negative emotions. I forgive and release anyone that has hurt me. It feels great to let go of toxic emotions. When I forgive, I open up myself to positive health and mental well-being.

2.       I vividly visualize the attainment of my goals and then I move to action.

3.       I am in charge of my life. No one has power over my decision-making. I am not powerless to act. In fact, I am endowed with more than enough resources to ignite change.

4.       I release worry from my mind, body, and soul. I change the outcome of circumstances I can control and those challenges I can't change, I simply release into the universe.

5.       I am the sum total of my thinking therefore I will only think those thoughts that bring peace and harmony into my life.

6.       I am an original creation of the most high and beauty surfaces beyond my outer. I am beautiful in my own unique way.


As another year ends and a New Year begins we wonder what lies ahead for us in 2016.  Our dreams, aspirations, relationships, career pathways will they be what we wish for?

As with cycles in life, there needs to be an ending for a new beginning, so as this New Year is upon us what do you want out of life, what do you want out of 2016?

Sometimes we ask for a new relationship, a new job, increased finances, to be out of a relationship, etc.  However do we look at the overall subject matter of happiness and peace?

With happiness and peace all the other dreams, goals fall into place; with peace comes our time to spend knowing ourselves, looking at how we can best achieve what we wish for in life including the  all-encompassing happiness and peace.

Hope in the pending New Year and our wishes can give us structure and clarity as to where we wish to go in our lives, whether we stay on our pathways is up to us.  However, we are too critical of ourselves at times, remember there are enough people whom can do this without you doing this too.  Be kind, to yourself, loving and accepting on your New Year’s resolutions or wishes.

If by our time it is not achieved within a defined period we can become despondent, can we not? However, it takes time to achieve our dreams and fulfil our wishes.  This is not in the control of others but ourselves.  Yes, there is fate which gives a helping hand in matters of the heart; luck too plays a part; but ultimately things do happen by synchronicity and I believe not coincidence.  If we are meant to be at a certain place at a certain time and meet someone then it will happen; if we are meant not to we won’t; if things happen and we don’t get get that job we wanted, is it because there is something bigger and better in store for us?   We do not always see the bigger picture as we do not know our future pathways or directions and where it will or does take us.

To a certain extent we have a duty to ourselves to be all we can be and achieve all we can too, whatever that maybe.  We should be caring, loving, compassionate and understanding to ourselves, treat ourselves in whatever positive way you deem fit, it could even be sitting with a friend and spending time together; you are the asset, you are the vision and the future.

So think about your vision, it is not just about 2016, it is about all parts of your life and every day, not just because it is a New Year.  You have heard the saying, try, try and try again if at first you don’t succeed.  Success is measured by picking yourself up time and time again not materialistic rewards, which can be obtained by most.  More importantly it is your get up and go that got going; the enthusiasm, commitment and the spirit within you which are the Winners.

You all are winners if you allow yourself to be, are you not a miracle of life, you were a zygote and became an embryo, which in turn became the fully functioning person.  You competed with others to be here in the physical, thousands of sperm and zygotes together and yet you won first place, you were a winner then and are a winner now; we just need to remind ourselves.

When life gets us down, we feel as though we have been dealt some blows in life, thank them for whatever you have learnt, whether to act or not to act in a certain manner etc. then gently move forward, picking yourself up.  It has been said many times, the difference between a student and a tutor is that the tutor has learnt more on their paths (got knocked down) or the word failure comes to mind, but then rose again to achieve. I believe there is no failure in life, just a learning process.

You are an achiever in your life, your destiny, your vision; so go ahead with your plans remembering that although fate and synchronicity play its part, you create your own luck too. 

By remaining in a gratuitous state, staying in a positive mode and reflecting on how far you have come; maintaining your inner strength, creating opportunities, whether they be of the work or romance nature, you are within a positive, creative mind set to compliment synchronicity and luck.

Now although I do not have the lottery numbers, you have to be in it to win, thereby the opportunity is created.  With romance, by remaining within the same state of play, are you creating opportunities or blocking them; work again are you working towards a qualification to achieve your vision; are you actively seeking career avenues which suit your expertise; are you spending sufficient time and effort in completing the application process; are you preparing and presenting correctly? Are you in the job that serves your best interests, do you like or love it, if not you may wish to consider alternative employment, these are choices.  These are creating opportunities in life but some require work in order for you to achieve what you wish to but one has to be honest with oneself.

Nothing is determined in life, everything operates on a potentiality, in that nothing is guaranteed, all we have is the here and now.  Every day is a new day, every second an opportunity in and for life and we all have potential to achieve things.  Some may take time, some opportunities arrive quicker than others; but we determine our life path and what we do here and now

So what are you going to do?  Are you going to create the future, the success, the vision you would like to achieve, remember it is what you do from this point forward that counts.  New Year is a   fabulous time to start, but you can start on any day of the year.

Strive to achieve

Love and Light

Angelic Light


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