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Sun Sign Relationships

Astrology can explain why you may or not get on with other people. Obviously this information is especially important with love relationships. It can help explain something about all of your important relationships. Most people know their Sun sign and this can play a large part in the attraction between people. It is far from being the whole story, but looking at Sun signs can give some insight. The Fire signs: that’s Aries, Leo and Sagittarius, will probably get on well with each other because they’re firey. Fire signs tend to get all ‘fired-up’ about people and things, but don’t always have the staying power. We might look at these signs and suggest that there may be a lot of playtime, like children as well as the passionate kind. The wrong side of Fire can be confrontational and argumentative even explosive.

Similarly, with the Water signs of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces, there are likely to be similarities in personality, but Water signs tend to be very emotionally sensitive and like the tides they get ‘high’ and they get ‘low’. They can be emotionally all over the place and they can totally withdraw and cut off if they are feeling too vulnerable. Water is not ‘reasonable’ because water is about feelings not logic. Logic may get wrapped around the emotional stuff to try to make sense, but it is logic based on feeling and is likely to be too personal. Water signs can help themselves more if they can step outside of the emotional arena and get some distance and detachment. Water can be contained or it can spill all over the floor, even be floods or a tsunami.

Earth signs, that’s Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn are, in simple terms, likely to be slower moving, more traditional or old-fashioned. There may not be the same obvious intensity of passion or emotion as Fire or Water, but what they may have is the ability to finish what they begin, bringing some stability to a relationship. Earth signs do have a sense of humour, Earth signs do play and have passion, but they just don’t usually have the same flamboyance and need for drama that Fire and Water may have. Earth signs may not be very wordy or good at expressing emotions but can be very sensual and tactile. It’s a different kind of communication.

Lastly, we may look at the Air signs of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. There is likely to be a lot of communication, endless talking, messaging or phone calls. Air is about communication, so ideas and thoughts are likely to be flying to and fro. These people can be the most accomplished flirts and be able to draw other people to them with words. Communication is essential for a good relationship but Air signs may talk or chat because they do it well. What they have to say may, or may not, have any depth or substance. These people can be great fun, but because they are more established in the mind, can sometimes seem to be cold, distant or uncaring. Emotional situations can be difficult for them. Emotional communication can be like a foreign language.

Like may attract like, but often what works well with relationships is the ‘chalk and cheese’ thing. Water signs can find stability and a sense of ‘safety’ in the company of a reliable earth sign. Water may coax the earth sign into the emotional arena. Earth signs are often more sensitive than may be expected. The sensitivity may be buried or difficult to share or express. Earth can be the vessel that contains the water so that it isn’t spilling out all over the place. Being solid is something that earth signs can be good at. Like water held in a beautiful jug to be poured out at the right time and in the right place. The issue with these relationships may be that they get a bit stuck in a rut and that it may help to create opportunities to step outside of the usual routines to bring in some fresh air or bring back the spark.

Air and Fire can get on really well because they exchange a lot of ideas. We know that you need air to get a fire started and to keep it going. The same is true of these sun signs. The tendency to flare up and die down, even have fights, fall out then enjoy making up again, may be part of the pattern of these elements being around each other. With Air and Fire we have the idea of very rapid movement, constant movement,  lots of energy that can make these relationships work really well. It’s important to bear in mind that following a lot of excitement there is likely to be a lull, or wind-down. A lack of movement for these signs can feel uncomfortable, so when these phases occur, it helps to have some strategy to re-assess or just know that it’s ok to have a resting phase. Fire can get burnt out and air can get mentally exhausted. Sometimes it’s ok to just take it easy and get the energy back. 

That’s a very simplified way of looking at Sun sign relationships. What it totally lacks, is the energies of the Moon, Venus and Mars, which have everything to do with personal relationships.  The Moon can be in any of the twelve signs, so can Venus and Mars. This is where astrology gets very interesting and much more complicated. There is also a person’s Rising Sign. This is the sign of the Zodiac rising on the Eastern horizon at the time of birth. To know this, you need to know where and at what time you were born.  To find out what sign your Moon, which represents your emotional self, is in, and Venus, which represents the whole idea of relationship and Mars, which represents the ‘active’ principle to pursue what you want and express your sexuality, then you can ask an astrologer. You can also ask the astrologer to make some sense of this combination of energies. You can find out these placements on the internet and may like to consult the astrologer to find out what they may mean.

So, as you can see, relationships are a bit of a minefield to untangle, but we already knew that, which is why so many people call us on Ask the Answer!

Astrology can offer further insight on the dynamics of relationships. Without knowing anything about astrology you can imagine that if your Sun is in a Fire sign, your Moon is in an Air sign, Venus is in an Earth sign and Mars is in Water sign, it’s going to be complicated, but not impossible, that’s who you are, and everyone is different. Even your Twin Flame or Soul Mate is different, but there may be a lot of close similarities in the astrology. This extra astrological information can help you to have a better understanding of the dynamics of a relationship.


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