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My Story - Part One

Everyone needs someone to talk to, be it a family member, friend or psychic advisor. Before I joined ASKTHEANSWER I too needed help. I engaged in psychic guidance as the advice I received was non-judgemental, sincere and accurate. I’m truly blessed to be part of such a group of like minded collection of people.

My Story so far………………………………………..

The Fool is impervious to the facts and leads such a charmed life, that he /she doesn’t think he/she has to pay attention, doesn’t have to care about walking off the cliff when not looking he/she is going.  However, it can also stand for new beginnings, taking a leap of faith.  Take that risk, be it moving, new job, relationship whatever pertains to you. My glass is always half full.  However, there have been times in the last four years that have challenged my thinking. My faith, the angels, my children and my advisor combined inspired me to take that leap of faith and continue on my life journey. 

The negative aspect to the fool is lack of preparation for what’s to come.  In the Rider Waite Deck, the fool is seen heading off with his little dog, on foot no food or water for either. This is where negative turns to positive; he trusts his own abilities to make that journey confidently.  And herein is the clue to the deep meaning of Fool.  So, how do I relate to the fool, I was naïve, I was trapped in a loveless marriage while battling Parkinson’s disease and raising two children, now teens. But I jumped into the unknown and am finally at peace and also happy (Ten of Cups).

I felt trapped where I lived (Eight of Swords), I had endless sleepless nights (Nine of swords) worrying, sometimes worrying about worrying. Once I realised it was myself who could release me, unleash the invisible ties that bound me. I knew I could free myself and push forward (The Chariot)  and succeed in life.

January 29th 2016, I had Brain Surgery (Not a cure for Parkinson’s Disease) nonetheless it gave me my life back.  Prior to the operation (Deep Brain Stimulation) I was in a wheelchair, I was advised of the risks.  To be it was a no brainer (PUN PUN PUN)………………………..

The Two of Wands  reflects that you are at the early stages of a life cycle and you are now faced with a decision that will impact your long-term direction. This card is typically very positive, either direction will bring good outcomes, but you do need to workout which direction you want to take your life first. Think and plan long-term and this will make the decision easier.

Judgement  is a time for reaping rewards for past actions, and reaching conclusions. You have reviewed and evaluated your past experiences and have learned from them. “Rebirth” or renewal of the self, changes to the better: getting well after a long sickness, or finding a new career or spiritual path. While I still have Parkinson’s disease, I am no longer a slave to the condition and no longer worry about finances (Five of pentacles).

If anyone of the Court Cards is going to make a decision and stick to it, it’s the Queen of Swords. She uses her intellectual power to cut through the nonsense and determine her path ahead. She asks you to use your head and not your heart in your decision-making, and to commit to the choice that you make. I became her, once upon a time I was the Page of wands, immature, obsessed by my outwardly appearance.  I realized I had to change and I did.  I moved (six of swords)  and have never looked back; I am filing for divorce (Tower)  and love my new career path.  However, I do know I am truly blessed but like the Wheel of fortune, I know life can change and I must seize the day, not rest until I reach my goals.  One day I will………………………………….. when that occurs I will be complete. 

The World Tarot.  To be continued………………………………………………………………..


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