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My Psychic Life

'Being Psychic: it’s not about ‘trying’, it’s about ‘allowing’. We are born psychic. We are born receptive. Well that’s what I believe. Being psychic/sensitive is like the undiscriminating sensitivity of a little child. Most of us come into the world highly sensitive, before we are trained to value certain ideas or information, and devalue or exclude, others. We forget or we are told that certain things are not true or are unimportant. Perhaps the ‘gift’ is more about how close or far away the experience of life takes us from what we are born with. This very much depends on the immediate family surroundings, as well as all of the religious and cultural influences. As a child, all of these influences are normal. We may, or may not, reassess the value of all of these beliefs as we grow up. 
It’s healthy to check on your beliefs to reassure yourself that what you believe is what YOU believe. It’s really worth doing this. Many of our reactions and responses are automatic, but are they all useful?  Rather like anything else in our lives, if it’s taken seriously by our parents, or other people close to us, then we are likely to take it seriously too. Sometimes, taking things seriously can mean taking a totally opposite view to family beliefs, but it’s still in your head as being important. 
Current lifestyle and culture is very materialist, which can make things tough for sensitive people. My dad took me to church, and I went to Junior Church through to Youth Club. That was a very long time ago! For myself, having started with a set of religious/spiritual beliefs, I could compare and reflect those beliefs with others. I really ‘tried’ with Christianity, it was my background and starting point. 
Big changes in my personal life lead me into encounters with mediums, psychics and astrology, that helped me feel much more at home. I can remember the first time I met with the idea of re-incarnation, and something inside of me said: ’That just makes so much sense’.
I believe that the best way to develop or rediscover sensitivity is through learning about healing, the chakras, the aura, guides, angels, channelling energy ….. but it is very important to have some protection in place if you are opening yourself to energy from ‘elsewhere’. Sensitive people pick up all kinds of stuff, and a lot of it is anger and depression from other people. You don’t need that! Psychic protection usually involves a bubble of light, usually white or gold, or calling on guides or angels to keep you safe, Arch Angel Michael in particular (the one with the Flaming Sword and Shield). It can vary from person to person, but use something that is meaningful to you.
I learnt   a great deal at Spiritualist Church and trained as a healer. During this training I started to get pictures in my mind, of guides or beings around people and embarked on my career as a Psychic Artist. I did a lot of Psychic Fairs doing Tarot, Astrology and Psychic Art. Spiritualist Churches vary, and you have to feel ‘comfortable’ with the energies of the people who train you. It is said that the teacher comes to you when you are ready. It is likely you will know when the time, the place and the person is right. You may just meet the person who will lead you to the next part of the adventure. 
I have studied various subjects since then and became closer to earth energies, animal totems, Native American Wisdom, Runes, and the ‘Old’ religion which prevailed before Christianity arrived. I regularly practiced Buddhist Meditation for a while and that was very powerful for centring and focusing myself. It all made life a very rich experience. Somewhere in the middle of all that I also became a Reiki Master and Mediumship happened. 
My path was not a plan, but once I got started, I had to continue! There was no way anyone would have foreseen how different I became from the rest of my family. I felt like an ‘Alien’, but that also seems to be quite common with sensitive people. Starting on the path is all you need to do, then you find that things happen to take you forward and you experience ‘Synchronicity’, those spooky coincidences which are actually reassurance or messages. Some people find a path that takes them in a much more direct line than me. I just happen to have wandered all around the place. Just stay  with Love and the Light and, if you get ‘gut feelings’, listen to them, they’ll be telling you something about the situation or yourself.
It just occurred to me, that taking the spiritual journey is like fastening a seat belt. If you push too hard, too fast, it holds you back, or you could even bruise yourself, but if you move gently it allows you to move around and make adjustments. Spirit does of course, keep you safe, even if you don’t understand how, and even if it doesn’t feel like it. Psychic sensitivity: it’s about ‘allowing’, not ‘trying’ and making the right kind of effort. I cannot imagine how I would manage life’s ups and downs without my odd mish-mash of spiritual understanding and experience.'
Blessings Ella'

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