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Can You Learn To Be Psychic?'

I believe yes anyone can learn to access their Psychic abilities because it is a natural condition within all of us,
However like any ability I believe it has to be worked on like any other, playing a musical instrument etc
I truly believe it is not a gift believes in Reincarnation, and that Psychics have had to train for these abilities over many Lifetimes in Temples and Mystery School, and also Between Lives in the World of Spirit.
There is information that the Essenes, a group that Jesus, his Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene belonged to was one such School, [don’t know if you want to add that]
Sitting in a Development Circle is a good way to develop, as long as you are encouraged to give excellent evidence of Survival
I recommend a quick route to developing Psychic abilities, sit comfortably, with No distractions at all, Music or anything, and Gaze gently ahead of you, not Staring, just gently Gazing, preferably out of a Window, at least for 20 mins at a time
After a while you will notice that the Chatter inside our heads will stop, you will start to see little sparkles of Light, and the more you practise this, you will eventually see Coloured sparkles of Light that will be the beginning of Clairvoyant Vision.
Pros and Cons
The main Pro for me, is a feeling of being more connected to my Spirit Guides and Family, and also the other Dimensions that overlap our own
an expanded awareness of all things, so we don’t feel so alone and isolated, and then also the being so much more connected to the Nature World, realizing that All Plant Life, Insects and All Creatures have a very intelligent and Very aware Consciousness
The Cons
No one can pull the wool over your eyes, you know exactly how a person is feeling, which may sound like a pro, which it is, but it can also leave you with a few less Friends if you aren’t connecting on a Mental and Emotional level, never mind Soul level which will become more of a requirement for a Psychic Person.
I have spent time on and off over the years at Spiritualist Churches, and have enjoyed most of the experiences, the only con I found there, is sometimes I have come across inflated Egos, I like to think that I am not special am just a channel for Spirit, likewise, when I give Hands on Healing don’t think I am doing it, I am just Channelling the Healing Energy.
Re Psychic Detectives wish the Police would use Psychics much more and publicise it, making us more mainstream
I first became aware I was different around the age of 4; i used to see Faces when I closed my eyes would ask everyone about the Faces they saw, and discovered they didn’t. I also used to see Spirit People and hear voices especially before I went to sleep because I was more relaxed. For many years I was only a Medium, having contact with the Spirit World, and using the Tarot Cards, then one day as I was giving someone a Reading started to see Future events as well, and thought, oh ok, this good ha-ha
Then in 1999,on the Island of Crete, Spirit initiated me into Healing, an Energy virtually had me pinned to the floor as it streamed through me, and since then I have been able to Channel the Healing Energy which a Reiki Master told me was Sekhem.
If someone asks a question such as ‘what will be the long term outcome of my new Job?'
When you are practicing Clairvoyance to see Future events and to answer questions,

To answer that question or any other
You can use ‘The Same Focus of Attention, as you would use when remembering a Dream'
The way you see the images of the Dream when you are remembering it, is very similar to the way you will see the Images of the answer, And other Predictive Future events
Plus you will notice that you moved your Eyes to do this, moving the Eyes shifts Perception.

Psychic learniing

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