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My Guide To Manifesting

My Guide to Manifesting

Since quite a young age, I’ve always been interested in learning about and practising manifesting. Even my dear Dad (who is now in spirit), used to say “If we need help, or need anything at all to make life easier and we aren’t being too greedy or wishing ill on another, all we have to do is ask”. I don’t actually know if Dad practiced manifesting or not, but the idea was similar. I’ve been practicing manifesting for years, always for others usually, but back in 2016, I was very into running for charities and my brother was doing the Great North Run, a big charity running event in the north of England. I remember really wanting to do it, so I looked up all the details and saw that as well as paying for transport to Newcastle, accommodation for two nights, I’d have to raise at least £400 to even get a place. Eeeek! I thought to myself, “Where will I get that amount of money so fast!?” So, I practiced manifesting to try and come up with enough money to go on the trip. That week, someone I’d forgotten that I’d helped out with shopping months before, gave me £40, so I put it away in an envelope marked Great North Run money. Then a small inheritance arrived out of the blue and I put that in the envelope too. Then slowly but surely, more money came to me, all surprises, until I had the amount of money needed, (yippee!) and it took about 3 months in total. So it happened, I had manifested! I’ve done it since a few times for myself and I always manifest for others; for world peace, for more kindness between humans and I am always manifesting for our beautiful animal kingdom.

I’ve studied manifestation extensively over the years and I think I may have found the easiest way to do it! I’ve listed bullet points below. But first of all, no matter what your technique, you set your intention. Either say it out loud, in your head, or write it down and hide it away and forget about it, as constantly going on about it, even just constantly thinking about it, can block it from happening. Also, be quite specific. If you are writing, write it like a shopping list, try to think of every little detail and do not say what you don’t want as there is no do and don’t in manifesting. So, only mention what you are sure you want. For example, if you write “I do not want a blue car, I want a red one”, you may well get the blue car, so only say what you want.

Then, visualize or picture it happening and act and speak like you have it already. Our brain or minds cannot actually tell the difference between a thought and an actual event happening so if you think, dream, visualize it happening, then the universe has no option but to get it to you! Finally, and this is the hardest part for most people, keep your vibration up and be positive and happy as can be. Don’t keep saying “oh why hasn’t it happened, I wonder when it will happen” as this can block it too, just think it’s done, it’s mine and say “I am so excited for it to happen” then try, if you can, to forget about it.

I did a workshop a few months back, teaching manifesting, and one of my friends attended. During our training day she started laughing and said “Penny, if you are so great at manifesting, why haven’t you manifested loads of money and good things for yourself!” I said “I have a lovely roof over my head, food in the cupboard, everything I could ever need and want and I am very comfortable (even though I have only a few quid in the bank I thought to myself, no one else knew that apart from my friend), also, I said to her, “lf I ever manifest something for me, it wouldn’t be for a lottery win or a fancy car, and anyway, I am too busy manifesting for the planet and others”. She nodded in agreement! A lottery win, nice car and lots of fancy stuff would be fantastic of course, but it’s not my priority these days.

When I was much younger, I did manifest a partner but I wasn’t specific enough and just in the learning process so although he was a lovely person and we are still friends to this day, our relationship ended as he had lots of issues that my younger self could help and support, but not as a partner. I have also manifested at least one job. I even kind of manifested my beloved pet cat Gucci!

So, here are bullet points to remember:

  1. Set your intention, be very specific and if you are writing it, write it like a shopping list. Also, remember to only mention what you want and leave out what you don’t want.
  2. Get visualising! Day dream about what you want, picture it, actually try to feel what it is going to be like having it.
  3. Keep your vibration up, stay happy, positive, be kind to yourself and others and don’t go on constantly about your wish, as every time you do this you are pushing it back or blocking it altogether. Keeping your vibration up and being positive and happy all the time is a challenge at the best of times, but you can do it.
  4. When you do manifest your wish, give something back, donate to charity, volunteer at a charity – Pay it forward so to speak, or just be kind as can be to others in need, as the flow of giving and receiving can be important too; plus it is always good to be generous and give to others!

So, hopefully this helps as you all deserve to get all that you want (within reason!) A great guru told me a long time ago that there is enough abundance in the world to go round us all, all we need to do is ask, and my dad more or less said the same. So we aren’t really being greedy wanting to have a lovely life and a little luxury now and again.

Until next time, hugs from me,

Penny D - 600973


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