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Spirit Lights and Orbs

Spirit Lights and Orbs


Since I was very young, I have seen glowing Orbs and ‘lights’. I see them around myself,  around other people, inside houses, in the woods, in churches. I used to think of them as pretty lights and just accepted them; they never felt like a bad thing. Sometimes they will appear on peoples’ photographs, but at the time they didn’t notice anything other than what they were taking a photo of. These have baffled people for a long time, as there is no obvious explanation and they don’t look like anything we physically recognise.

These lights have been described as ‘hovering’, ‘glowing’, ‘eerie’, and ‘other worldly’. They can appear to ‘follow’ people and animals, seeming to be ‘intelligent’ somehow. Sometimes there can be a member of the family who always seems to have a weird light next to them in the family photos. Many photographs of my niece when she was very young have got a silver ‘cord’ of light attached to her and it seems to link her to something invisible above her. Her parents were a little unsure at first, then they both agreed it must be her Grandmother in Spirit looking over her, protecting her. They both strongly felt this to be true, and my brother isn’t particularly Spiritual. I feel this is true. She never met that Grandmother in this life and it is lovely to know we have family members we have never met guiding and protecting us.

Many people try to dismiss these ‘lights’ as specks of dust on the camera lens, as lens flair or water droplets. But we can’t dismiss them, as there are SO many photos sent into different websites every year, by confused people who didn’t see anything at the time and when experts look closely at these photos with specialist equipment and techniques they often still can’t explain them. I feel we should at least take a look with open minds. It is the fear of the unknown that makes people automatically dismiss everything Paranormal. There are limits to science as we know it, and new things are being discovered every day, pushing those limits further and further away from what we thought we knew for sure. Let’s not forget that there was a time that electricity was thought of as “magical”.

 Admittedly, some of the photographs that are sent in DO have orbs caused by specks on the camera lens, but it is easy to tell when this is the case. True Orbs have a band of colour around them or a ‘halo’ of different colours, they appear quite ‘solid’ in the photos. When I look at them, I sense a whole world in a glowing round light, I sense an intelligence to them, as if the Orbs are looking back at me, a ‘living’ light with so much squeezed into a small space. In fact, in some of the magnified photos of true Orbs that I have seen there are small but clear images of people’s faces inside the circle of light. They are amazing! Whereas when I look at photos with lens flair on them or dust particles on the lens, I feel nothing. It’s important to really trust your gut instincts here, as that’s the true test.

I feel like we have become so detached from tuning into our gut instincts these days. This is a lot to do with the invention of mobile phones, television and the internet. We don’t have to listen to our own feelings anymore, as we have everything put in front of us, a constant stream of information and communication. We don’t need to contact each other psychically anymore as we have mobile phones. So if technology is part of the problem, why does Spirit use technology  – cameras or phones – to contact us as a Spirit Orb?

I believe the answer to that is that cameras capture light, and light exists in many wavelengths and frequencies, some of which aren’t always visible to the naked eye. I have total faith in the Spirit World, and I feel it’s a clever party piece from Spirit to really shout out - “We are here!”  Our loved ones in Spirit are sending us love and saying “Hello!” In an age where we are obsessed with selfies and digital photography for so many different uses, it feels like the Spirit World is keeping up with our age of technology and joining in. Light is the often the choice of medium for Spirit, and photography literally means ‘drawing with light’, so of course Spirit has chosen this way to get our attention. They do try to reach out to us in many ways, sound, music, smell, feelings, but these are fairly subtle and risk not being noticed. But Humans really do notice the contents of photographs, so what better way to communicate from the Other Side?

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