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Divining With The Dice

Divining With The Dice

Dice as we know them in these days were used thousands of years ago, from Roman times to the years when the Vikings invaded the country. Over the years, the art of using dice as a method of divination was lost in time. 

I was introduced to reading dice when during a reading, I saw my Angels playing dominoes. They told me to buy a set of dominoes to read with. I bought those and was then told to get some dice. Two years on and my fiancé were in a garden centre when I met my spirit guide Simeon, who explained to me how the dice were used by the Romans. They used to draw a circle in the sand/dirt and throw three marked stones in to the middle. Depending on where they landed this showed them the outcome of the question they were asking.

When I use dice in my readings, I have a chart with two circles on it, used for the dice and also for dowsing with my pendulum. Over the years I’ve upgraded from a pair of monopoly dice (which I used for three years) to rolling specialist crystal dice. 

So, what in simple terms does each number mean?

1 – This means new beginnings. It could possibly mean a new home, a new job or a new relationship. 

2 – This has a few possible meanings. It can foresee travel, a period where you find yourself being thoughtful, new legal agreements and possibly a period where you find yourself being very shy or pensive.

3 - This means finding new energy and feeling happy. It predicts you overcoming obstacles, finding happy outcomes to any issues which you may be going through. In fact it predicts good news in general!

4 – This can mean someone is not being honest with you, or that you may be feeling uncertain and also not sure where you are going. On the positive side, it often also shows that you will make up soon if it’s rolled when discussing an argument.

5 - This is the best one. It can be a big material win, like a new home, a new job or a new car. It can also foresee a time when you are very happy, or you will receive some really great news for someone else.

6 - This can predict problems and usually shows bad news. It foresees failure in a subject and not doing too well. If travelling, expect delays and inconveniences.

This is just a general view of what the dice numbers may mean in a reading, however I have found that by using my intuition, the dice can give a very different reading from the meanings listed above.

Using three dice gives a completely different viewpoint then just one dice.  The distance the dice land from each other has a big impact, for example in a relationship reading, dice landing very close together with numbers 1 to 5 often means a marriage. Further apart, but not near any other dice, can mean either an engagement or a new love coming in. 

The same results, in a career reading, often mean a promotion or a reward for your efforts in a job. Possibly it could be moving to a completely different job, but in a better position.

The dice are unique and very accurate. There has been three instances where predictions I have made through the dice have come true exactly a year after the reading. Personally I find the dice are more accurate and exciting to work with than any other tool I have worked with, 

So let us look at an example of how a dice reading would work! The client tells me what the question is (for example “Am I in the right relationship?”), and I roll three of the magical dice to find the answer. On the first roll I get 4-4-2. This may mean the client has trust issues and the one they are with may be hiding their feelings. According to the dice, the client doesn’t know what to do. The dice indicate that trying to talk to their partner does not get them anywhere. The next roll lands as 6-2-3, This indicates that it may be better if they took a break, thought about it for a while before talking again. This way, the dice indicate, will have a happy outcome. The final roll shows a 5-4-5. This means that in the end, they will both be happy in the relationship and love will blossom. There may be a few small problems of trust or not knowing where the relationship will lead to, but a good ending with a happy finale is shown.

This is how you can read this dice. It is fun for everyone and also an enjoyable tool to work with. No two readings are the same. The numbers have such a vast number of combinations it takes years to get an understanding. I thank my Angels for giving me the art of knowing.

Thanks for reading,

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