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Moon Phases and Tarot

Moon Phases and Tarot

Can the moons cycle have an impact on your Tarot reading?  Should you time your reading to coincide with certain moon phases?  Are certain subject matters better addressed at different times within the moon’s cycle? it depends on your personal opinions,  beliefs and the urgency of your situation!

Throughout history many civilisations have placed a lot of emphasis on the moon and its impact on the world and its inhabitants.  Battles, harvests, hunting, weddings, important meetings, journeys and more, were planned to coincide with the moons cycle. 

So what does it mean to us today? How would it effect our Tarot reading experience if we were to adopt this mind set now?

The moons cycle is 29 and a half days long.  Throughout this period the moon will go through 4 main stages of illumination, which are visible to us on earth with the naked eye.  Many Spiritual, Psychic and Wiccan folk believe that our physical energy and emotions are affected during these moon phases.

It starts with a “New Moon”, which is often mistaken for a Full moon. On a New Moon there is no visible moon to be seen from earth with the naked eye.  The moon’s position in relation to the earth and the sun means that the earth casts a shadow across the entire moon.  The moon is in complete darkness.

This is a time of new beginnings, fresh starts, re-evaluation, planning and setting intentions.  This may be a good time to ask questions regarding “new” aspects of your life.  New relationships, new jobs, new homes are all topics that are good to discuss during the new moon.

Then, as the moon moves position in its orbit, we move into the “Waxing phases”.  This is when we can see a crescent moon in the sky, which then becomes a visible half moon, officially known as the First Quarter. In this phase the moon is building energy, building up towards a Full Moon.  Keeping the building concept in mind, this is a time of enthusiasm, movement and action.  Maybe a time to have a reading focused on bringing things towards you or  manifesting “more” of something into your life, building on something you already have.  Questions such as “Should I have another child?”, “Should I continue in education?” or “Should I commit to more within this relationship?” are likely  to provide fruitful answers around this time.

Then, on around day 15 of the moon’s cycle we have a “Full Moon” which we are all familiar with.  Many believe this brings the “crazy” out in people and animals! This is also a time of high sea tides, and as humans are 70% water, it wouldn’t be surprising to find this effects people too!

The 3 days around the Full Moon are the strongest. At this time it’s energy has peaked.  Intuition and spirituality is heightened, potency is enhanced and many believe that this is the time to obtain the clearest answers, in the brightest of the moon’s light. 

This could be a time for very focussed, specific and purposeful readings.  It may also be a time to look at personal development and inner growth: “Should I take that course? “, “Should I apply for that promotion?” etc.

As this phase passes, the moon moves into its “Waning phases”.  We start to see the moon shrinking in size in the night sky.  We see another half moon and crescent moon, this time reversed.  Energy starts to ebb away.  Things begin to calm down.  It is a time for letting go of things that we no longer need, a time for elimination, shedding baggage and calm surrender. 

Readings at this time could relate well to letting go of toxic people, ending relationships which no longer fulfil you or leaving unsatisfactory jobs. 

The timing of your reading is an entirely personal choice and we will all be delighted to read for you at any time of the month, but remember, sometimes you question may have more power than you expect.  The moon does funny things! 

I hope to hear from you soon,

Brooke - 600968

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