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My name is Tribhuan. My questions are Will I find employment in Vietnam and when. (Been looking since January). If not, will I return to Delhi - will work be there? Should I follow up opportunities and return to Dubai.


The Reading

The first card indicates that there are challenging times ahead, but this is in a good way. Things may be scary but moving forward is a must. You are obviously frustrated and this may affect your moods and temper.

There may have been some unavoidable changes, but this is to give more chances to come in, though you may not see this at present as you look as if you have lost your way. This situation will probably prompt you to try far too hard, which can make other people who are around you felt over deluged or slightly pressured.

There is a big wide world out there with lots of opportunities in it is up to you which route you take, but learn lessons from your past. If something is making you feel uneasy, don’t do it. I do think perhaps you are dwelling too much on past disappointments. You are stronger than you think.

Once again the cards show you trying too hard and your energy dissipating, you seem to be constantly arguing with yourself, and feeling unable to cope with life in general. It may seem like a long hard road, but the last card in this run, tells you of victory. In 6 to 9 days, weeks, or months, changes will happen.

I would say you look like a constant worrier, though you cover this up. I think you may cause some of your own problems by over thinking. Your fears of defeat stop you from succeeding. You need to be more focused on developing who you truly are. Also you may feel like you want to run away or take flight.

There must have been either an argument or breakdown of a situation which caused a change to lifestyle. You look like you are blaming yourself for this. Ether you or someone close is very stubborn. Do not cut off your nose to spite your face! Again the fear of failure stops you from moving forward, you must remember these are just fears.

The next run of cards indicates you are on the right life path, just remember there are twists and turns in every road, otherwise we would learn nothing. There are happy times ahead with good people.

You may be tempted to shut yourself away at the moment to gather your thoughts. It would seem to me you are going through what I refer to as a spiritual, learning curve. It probably started approx. 6/9monthsago and still has approx. that to go, it’s this vibration that you are feeling so intensely. It’s a clearing and cleansing time. You must make decisions for your own peace of mind, not others.

You may be searching for your soul mate at this time. Past love disappoint might make you think deeply and emotionally .There is no reason why you can’t have a love connection, but you need to heal yourself, mind body and spirit first.

I think you are your own worst enemy, by agreeing to things you may not really want to do. Your heart is in the right place, and you form good friendships and relationships. You do have some good friends who will help you or support you. It is time to focus and be switched on!! Career wise you need to let go of some plans or things that are not working.
Again I think you are a worrier or over thinker.

I’m not sure of where the work is, but it seems it’s not in Vietnam at the moment. Or perhaps you are looking in the wrong places. But before you dash off somewhere else check out any prospects. It’s no good running away, as you always take yourself with you.

The response from Tribhuan : 

"Thanks you for the reading and it's accuracy.  It's spot on. Also, literally out of the blue last evening  I have been considered for a job, had the interview today, and start there on Monday.  There is also the probability of overseas travel with the position.  Your 6-9 days was good too! "


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