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Dustin's Five Card Horseshoe Spread

Question: Thomas, 10/17/95 I am having some problems in my relationship, we live an hour apart and it’s difficult for us to see each other during the week. She is thinking of moving closer but doesn't know if she can afford it. What should I do?

Type of Reading: Five Card Horseshoe Spread

Cards Drawn: Card 1 The Issue: The Lovers, reversed position, Card 2 Present Influences: Three of Swords, Card Three Unexpected Influences: Five of Pentacles, Card Four Suggested Action: Death, Card Five Possible Outcome: The Sun
Hello Thomas, my name is Dustin. I have laid out five cards in a horseshoe spread, to try to get a feel for your situation. The first card I drew was The Lovers in the reversed position; this card represents the issue you are having. You and your significant other have been having difficulties in your relationship. The Lovers in this reversed position show you at odds with each other. The second card I drew, Three of Swords, shows the present influence causing the problems. Communication in your relationship is key and the Three of Swords shows a breakdown in this area, leading to misunderstanding. The Lovers must know each other and communicate, so why are they not in this case? What has caused this unexplained lack of communication? If we can identify this, we can move forward. Card number three shows us the unexpected influence; things you may not have realized are affecting the relationship, Five of Pentacles. The Five of Pentacles shows us material challenges, a lack of money or adequate accommodations. I feel here that we get closer to the problem; I don't see any other indication of financial issues here, so I drew a card to try to clarify what’s going on here, it is the Nine of Swords. The Nine of Swords shows anxiety, fear, and worry. You are unable to see the solution, but the solution lies within the problem. That brings us to Card Four and our Suggested Action: Death. The Death card shows the need for change, since we are discussing why you have been drifting apart in your relationship, it would suggest a change needed within that relationship, not the ending of it.

What have we learned leading up to this point? The cards are showing your relationship struggling, there is a breakdown of communication over a financial issue; you need a change and a big one! But you have this anxiety and worry surrounding this change. What is this change and why is it so stressful to your relationship? I drew a card to clarify, before we move onto the Possible Outcome Card. The Ten of Pentacles, I think I can see the problem now. You have been in this relationship for over a year now and both feel like you are stagnant and drifting apart, but this isn't due to a lack of love for each other, but more so due to lack of communication, it is so hard to make the time to truly be there for each other when there is so much distance in between you. The Ten of Pentacles shows traditional family values, a gathering together of family, provisions made for future generations. It is time to take that step and move in together!! Relieve your financial burden by combining households. It is time to sit down and discuss this next step, it can be frightening, hence all the anxiety. The final card I drew was The Sun. This is your possible outcome growth, happiness, and improvement in all aspects of your life. What a wonderful future to look forward too!

Dustin 500580


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