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Heaven Sent Provides An Angel Oracle Card Reading

I am using my Angel Oracle Cards for the purpose of this reading, I will select between one and three cards. Please note as I am a Spiritual Psychic Medium, it is not unusual for Spirit to join me during a reading. I will offer guidance and advice as given to me from the card or cards, and or guidance that is given to me from spirit. I may cover one specific area of your life, or various areas of your life. The intention is set to help, guide, and advise you in a way that will only benefit you and enhance your being. Please enjoy.

Ok so we have our first card. I am drawn instantly to a warm loving person who enjoys time spent with family, especially quality time with children. I also feel that there is a caring attitude where people of all ages are concerned; I know from the card that there is a sense of pride around you. I am also drawn, as I said it is not unusual for spirit to join me when doing a reading, to a lady in spirit, who would have been a mum, or grandmother to you, or closely connected to you, this could be a mother in law, or grandmother on a partner’s side. I am being made aware of a child in spirit, who may have passed due to a miscarriage or similar, but who didn't reach the earth plane. This lady is making me aware that this little one is being looked after by her and a few others, and is doing absolutely fine, there is no for you or someone close need to worry about this.

I have to give May as the name or month or both significant around you, and there is also June. Wild flowers are also significant. This lady would have passed peacefully and quietly. And I also hear 'Dawn', which could be a name significant to you or around you, or she could be telling me the time of day she passed. I also see bluebells and daffodils, these flowers could be significant, or they could be showing me the season that this lady passed, which would be around spring time.

I also feel from this card, and the second card I have now pulled, that a situation that you have been given some extra thought to is now either resolved or is soon to be resolved. It would appear that you have decided what it is you want, and I feel that your gut instinct had kicked in a while ago regarding this, but you had to weigh up all the options and doubts. There is a little work to do around your self confidence, as you doubt yourself and your capabilities, however, this will fade as you start to further believe in yourself, and prove to yourself that you can most certainly do whatever it is when you focus and put your mind to it. I feel this is a reflection of the situation I was drawn to earlier.

I am now being made aware by this lady in spirit that as a younger person, you were quite reserved, in your teen years you managed to gain more confidence, but felt as if you were not part of the crowd at times. I am being made aware that over the last few years there have been many changes around you and within you. These changes have allowed you to find the real you, and now you have no reason to doubt yourself, but you do. Patience is something you are good at, and patience is what you need to give yourself, you do not have to prove to anyone what your capabilities are, they already know; it is just you trying to prove it to yourself.

Stop, breath, and carry on because you can achieve so much. I am also by this lady that there is a celebration that has either recently passed (within the last approximately 6 weeks), or a celebration that is due within the next six weeks, this is a family gathering such as a birthday, anniversary, wedding etc, and am told to tell you to wear the blue dress.
I hope you have enjoyed your reading.

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Michelle’s response – “ This is uncanny, my grandmothers garden was overgrown with daffodils and bluebells. This was so good to hear as gave me verification. Without going into too much detail, the other points are also very valid.  The celebration mentioned is due to happen this Friday, so I will have to dig out a blue dress I guess! Thank you very much for this reading, it gave much comfort”

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