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Life Is All About Choices

Here is a sample reading by Summer:

A man once called me his name was Steven and he was a Capricorn (Male).... (Adventurous and loves his independence and loves the out of doors, loves to travel and loves a challenge - quick knowledge of his star sign)

I pulled 3 cards to see what was happening for him today (right now - in the moment).....I pulled the Devil Card, the Tower Card, and the Death Card.....

He became upset and said all of those cards seemed to be quite negative...

I agreed that they seem negative but that there was nothing to be fearful of.....and began to explain that indeed he was spending time doing the wrong things with the wrong types of people. That he was not using his best judgement when it came to his choice about how he was spending his time and who he was spending his time with. I also saw that if he continued to spend his time in the company of these people he could find himself in trouble with the law or with his own health. I ask him about his health or if anyone around his circle of friends was ill or any family member was not well. He said "no". I asked him again to think harder because someone around him was not well FOR SURE. I could see THE PERSON. "Oh", he said, "A friend of mine just passed away." I asked what had happened to his friend. He said, "He was shot." I then saw drugs, alcohol and fighting. I asked if he was in a gang....or new members of a gang. He said he was a member of a Cycle Gang for the past 20 years. I then ask if he enjoyed being in this gang. His response was, "I use to but now I want out. I love riding my motorcycle, but I want away from the gang. I advised him that there was going to be more trouble in his life if he continued to stay in this gang. I explained that the Angels were advising him to move away and to tell no one where he was going. Once he got settled, and let at least 3 to 6 months pass he could contact people he cared about and let them know he was fine and just needed to get away on his own because he was feeling stressed and burnt out.

I also explained to him that LIFE IS ALL ABOUT CHOICES. Any one of us can make different choices, new choices....on any day and that those choices can change the course of the rest of our lives.

Steven called me 8 months later. He had moved. He had changed jobs. He explained that he was much happier and that the GANG.....didn't really care that he had left. He had heard from his sister that several members of the gang had also left around the same time because they were feeling as though something was not good. Sure enough the sister explained that a bunch of the members of the gang were planning a crime behind everyone’s back. They were caught and were in jail. Steven wanted to know if I had seen all of that. I explained that no I did not see it all. But I did see that he had to get away from these people because they were not honest people. He thanked me and still keeps in touch to this day.

There is no reason to be fearful of the Tarot. The Tarot is a tool the Angels use to help us. wants us all to be blessed and happy and safe. And,the angels are there to provide protection, guidance and help on earth. I encourage anyone to embrace and enjoy tarot. To get closer to the Angels.

I also a teach that prayer is asking the Angels for HELP......and that meditation and quiet contemplation about ones life IS LISTENING FOR THE ANSWERS.

There is no need to fear TAROT......or READINGS....they are just extra help..... Tarot and Oracle cards are just a loving tool to help us with insight down here on earth. Enjoy your readings and embrace any insight the cards give to you. Listen very carefully to what THE CARDS ARE telling you..... LISTEN, Take notes if you have to and reflect on what the cards want YOU to know. If a reading sounds off or seems to not apply to you....WAIT......Be patient and keep listening. Sometimes the answer you are looking for is there in the reading but you cannot hear it or you lose patience before the clarity comes to you.

I send love and blessings and insight to you all.......Summer 500954

 The Tower



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