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Manifesting The Law of Attraction

Written by Sherry R. Macbeth

Since the movie "The Secret" (and for many of us, well before that) we have seen so much information and hype regarding the Law of Attraction. And while many of us understand the concept behind manifesting our desires, we still find it difficult to get the things we want. I have heard many people say "Oh that just doesn't work!" Your right! With that outlook it won't!  It’s the first step towards setting yourself up for failure without even trying.

Manifesting abundance starts from within, our internal scripting, and our core beliefs. And if you want your life to change then you have to change along with it. The first step is taking responsibility for why your manifesting is not working. It's not down to other people! It's down to you! Here is an example:

A couple decides to try this Law of Attraction thing. One is all for it, the other is skeptical of it. But they try it nonetheless. After a week of one putting all their effort into it and nothing happening, tension ensued. One partner blamed the other for blocking their intention work with their own negativity, placing the blame on someone else. OK stop right there!
The person doing the blaming has not grasped a big lesson in manifestation work. YOU ARE IN CONTROL! NO ONE CAN BLOCK YOUR PROGRESS.... unless you let them. If manifesting work could be easily blocked by negativity then none of us would be able to do it because you are always going to have negative people out there. Does that mean that all of those nay Sayers can block our manifestation work? NO!

By placing the blame on someone else's negativity, you have just done what you tell others not to do. You have given your control away. You have set up a negative vibe of "Won't work because..." and in the back of your mind you are sending negative thoughts to the Universe without even realizing it. Everyone doesn't have to be "on board" for it to work. It's not about converting people to believe. Manifestation work is about you and your relationship with the Universe. All you do by blaming others is to create a negative atmosphere for the other person who then feels they don't want to bother. Show by example! You will get more people to work with you effectively if you show YOU can do it.

The biggest block I found in manifestation work revolves around feelings and the emotions. You have to FEEL that you already have what you want. If you are sending out a message in desperation like "I NEED more money" you are only creating a vibe of lack, which is what the Universe picks up. You see our good old creation partner, the Universe, will do everything it can to get us what we want. But they only work on feelings, not words. So when you ask for more money but send that "lacking" vibe, guess what you’re going to get back?

Ok, it's not easy to sit there and feel you are financially stable when you have bills to pay, I know this from experience. And this is where many people hit a brick wall and give up. But it is so very important to do this because we then start changing an inner script inside of us. We start looking at things more positively over time and when we aren't all stressed out by our thoughts of lack, we become calm, and then we can see what is going on around us a bit better.

So back to feeling the emotions, get rid of the words "NEED, WANT, HAVE TO" - they just indicate lack. Instead of "I need more money" change it to "I choose to experience a continual flow of abundance and am thankful for all I do have". BUT, you need to put the emotion behind it for the Universe to pick up and send back. It won't help if you state this and don't believe it. So picture yourself receiving what you asked for and how it feels to have it. That's right! Feel like you have all you need and believe it!

Ever notice how quickly the bad things we don't want seem to manifest? Do you not realize how quickly the good things can manifest as well? Problem is so many of us are too focused on the WHEN and HOW of it.

Which brings me to the next lesson I learned, it is your job to be the master creator. And it is the Universe's job to be the one who makes it all work! When you try to picture how it will happen then you limit the possibilities of manifesting. So if you are saying "I choose to have money for my vacation through a bonus in work" You have just limited your creation partner’s means of getting that cash to you! Now if you would have said "I choose to have money for my vacation" just like that, this opens the doors for more ways for it to happen.

Act like you have what you want as well. If you are wishing for more abundance but depriving yourself of things then again you are sending out that lack vibe. I don't mean go out and blow your savings here either. Just don't be afraid to turn on the heating because you don't know how the bill will be paid. Turn it on and know that it will be taken care of when it is time.

Sometimes we focus on something we think we need. But deep down we sabotage ourselves because it's not what we really want. For example a person taking a job that deep down doesn't make them happy but it's what they feel they should do. And over time things don't go right in that job because deep down it's not what they wanted. The emotion to succeed is not there. So make sure the things you are asking for are truly things you desire!

Another problem is fear: Fear of success, of lots of money, etc.. Write down the thing you desire. Write down all the good stuff you will get out of having this thing. Then write down the possible drawbacks, those are your blocks. For example:

"I choose to experience a successful career" - what are the fears that come from that? Too much responsibility, longer and harder hour’s maybe? Or maybe you fear letting others down if it doesn't work out? So you get to a point where some change or project can bring you success and then it falls apart at the last minute. Why? Because you imagined your desire up to this point and then the fears kicked in! Change those negatives into something more positive to add to your desire. "I choose to experience a successful career with my own hours, easy and fun projects, and I know those I love will be proud of me. In fact they already are" (That last sentence just reinforces that it doesn't matter what happens, you already have what you desire).

The thing to remember is that The Law of Attraction is not going to be a magical overnight change. You have to change a bit here too.

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