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Love's Labours Found (Sweet intuition in Love)

We live in a Culture which celebrates 'Romantic Love' . Shakespeare assures us that the 'course of true love never did run smooth' . And when I look at the Happily Married Couples I know... many of them had to surmount large obstacles to be together.

I went to a celebration in Nottinghill Gate last Autumn to celebrate one of my best friends from Schools 20 year Marriage; and the Speeches emphasised the times in their long relationship; many years more than their 20 year Marriage;  when circumstances kept them apart...and "nothing happened";  but despite that my Friends; have had a long happy marriage; which remains romantic and full of love. And they danced together to celebrate their special day; and as their friends we feasted and danced and sang to celebrate their faithful commitment and love. It was,a special day.

So what is my recipe for Romance in a Couples Relationship? As a Fortune Teller I emphasise the spirit of love and romance and a willingness to grow as individuals in the marriage and to be tolerant and adapt. 
How do you attract such a marriage. Feed your Soul. Cook home made food, go for walks in nature.  Be creative. Nurture your home; and nurture the Spirit of Nature. Celebrate the changing of the Seasons.  

And let go of what does not help you.

Go to New places together; but have your sacred places you return to. Work on your dreams; and support your partners dreams. Build your home together. One romantic couple I know now in their 80s polish and clean their home regularly together. Their love for each other shines when you enter their lovely home. 

Couples whose love continues to grow over the years give each other space. They are people who have separate hobbies;  but go out as a couple with their friends;  and family. They are sensitive to their partners needs. They give each other space.

So my advice to new lovers. Take time to go on dates; when you first move in with each other; and make that a habit for life. Make sure you have holidays together; but go out with your friends of the same sex to celebrate friendship too. Have separate interests.  Wear his jumper around the flat but never when you go out. 

Cook your partners favourite meal but remember to make your own favourite meal sometimes too. Even if they don't like it. Make it when they go out with their friends but make it. Take time to be together away from the World, and celebrate  your relationship with friends and family as well as at times;  which are just for you. Plant roses and flowers for special anniversaries and look after them. Celebrate ? love...

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