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Love Is Like A Prisoner, When It Goes Wrong

Love is like a prisoner, when it goes wrong  -
Eight of swords     
What is mostly at the heart of human issues and on the personal side of
things, is it not “Love,” and will it not always be so? Be it now or hundred
plus years from now, or a hundred years ago, love has always been at the heart
of every story to be told, in one way or another. Most of the time it relates
to our “past” issues, or our “present” situation, and to our yearnings towards
what we want in our “future” life.

We may think we are together and sensible beings in our everyday lives but
there are times when all reasoning fly’s out the window as we get caught up a
situation of the heart. When that love goes wrong it is hard to fathom what
has changed and happened in our love with the other person, in the way we
connect to each another. The one who has our heart and affections, what
happened what is it that is so different, something feels lost, something has
shifted, and only our love and affections are still the same. Those feelings
are locked up tight and attached to this person who now seems so like a
stranger, and this person alone has all our attention.

 In a cycle that just keeps repeating it’s self, over and over again. And will
continue to do so until we find a way to break that negative spell, and to
move out of our own way, we will be on hold and stuck. Until we change things,
we will seem to be trapped like the Tarot‘s “eight of swords” bound and blind
to what is right in front of us. Blinded to be able to see that we have the
means of freeing ourselves. In most cases it is our own unwillingness to let
go and move away from the “eight of swords” situation, and to free our mind,
body and spirit and not be prisoners of love.

Because part of our prison is not only the other person that we have become
entangled with and caught as if in a trap. Part is our own denial to move on
and to forge a fresh path away from chaos. Sometimes the prisoner grows too
use to the suppression and fears the loss of the connection, no matter how bad
things get. Feeling that a bad connection is better than no connection at all,
and having an unwillingness to strike out bravely on one’s own.

The first step is realizing your situation, coming to terms with it, and with
what you want now in your life. Taking steps to build your confidence and self
esteem. Trusting in yourself, loving yourself enough to know your true value,
even if the object of your pain (the one you love) does not fully appreciate
you or give you what you deserve. Saying to yourself “I will not stay a
prisoner of love any more I want to step out of the trap and be a world apart
from all this unhappiness.” The door will open and you will step through it
and on to your new path and new life. With every step you take forward you
will build your confidence in yourself, even if your steps are small ones to
start, you have empowered yourself towards new possibilities and positive
choices for your life.


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