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Love Is Infinite

The misconception of needing to know someone to love them is something I’ve always strived to express.  There are many levels of love, for example the love you have for your parents is not the same type of love you give to your friends, but, “can you love a perfect stranger?” Absolutely you can! There are people with beautiful souls that attach to a piece of us every time we meet.

We are amazed at the beauty and purity that one radiates. Energetically you know you’ve just met someone truly incredible. Noticing there kind gestures within, you begin to realize you would definitely exchange a heart to heart connection with this person. Their presence has made you feel warm, safe, happy; and now a sense of comfortability sets in to open up and be one’s true self. This is an example of how a perfect stranger has made you feel more loved than the closest people in your corner.

We need to be more aware of these moments and not let them pass us by. If we are capable of receiving their love through trust alone, we can now see it is only trust that allows us to be free to love. There are so many factors that destroy our trust, but we mustn’t forget not everyone is built the same. We get so lost in our wounds forgetting there are people like the perfect stranger that are there to carry us through the battle field within ourselves.  Never let anyone destroy your trust to the point of no return. Allow the perfect stranger to be an example of how love can recreate through the both of you. 

“How does one protect their peace from here and leave the door open to receive“? Always remember we are energy beings and everyone has a higher sense of knowing. I understand not everyone has psychic capabilities, but we were all built with intuition. Our intuition is a sense of reality that is instigated by sight, hearing and energy. “Have you ever walked into a room and walked right back out?” If your answer was yes, your intuition was telling you energetically something was off. “What about a verbal remark from a new lover that made you question their intentions?” This was your intuition telling you something is wrong.  We should never ignore these warning signs, it’s a protection mechanism given to us by our creator. The first feeling is usually the right one, as it’s coming from our wholeness.

It is not our job to fix someone else’s poor vibration within them, nor should we allow it in our energetic space. Once we accept one thing, it turns into a billion others. Meanwhile completely destroying our trust and making it harder to receive life’s blessings. We have now gone against our higher self of knowing, this is a form of self betrayal. So not only are we allowing their ill intentions to break us down, we’ve also done it to ourselves. This all narrows down to one word “trust”. Honour your intuition and trust your higher sense of knowing, it will never let you down.  

Allow yourself to recognize your truth, so you can receive the purity of one’s love and give freely without fear.

Love truly does change everything.

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