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Kindness Is The Perfect Gift

The Perfect Gift


Sometimes the most important things in life cost nothing!  It is so easy to give and receive without a penny being exchanged. So, what is this magical gift?  It is simply called KINDNESS and its value is priceless. It is also very easy to do, and karma will come back to you tenfold. Try it and see the effects.


Recently I was stuck at an airport as my passenger locater form was not correct, a man who was travelling with his wife stepped in and sorted it out in a minute. He did not have to do that, but his actions were worth mountains to me.  Maybe a phone call from a friend tells you something isn’t quite right; don’t leave it there, go and visit them.  There is a lot in our world that is negative but turning it around to be a positive is a major energy boost. A simple act of kindness will cost you nothing, but the recipient will never forget it. Hugs are great too.


We all live busy lives, but try and think every day: “What could I do today to make another smile?” It could be as simple as one phone call. A simple compliment.  Asking how they are doing and if everything is OK.  Show you care.  Kindness is magical thing, share it and watch out for the outcome. 

It is in your hands and it costs nothing. Are you ready to give it a go?


Warm wishes

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