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June 2021 Charmscopes

Aries: Scales & House

It is all about new beginnings this month, but also finding a balance between the old and the new. For some of you there will be new jobs or a new home coming your way. There will be news of a wedding or engagement, or news of a pregnancy or birth. A tricky matter that has dragged on will be coming to an end, but make sure you read documents fully before agreeing to anything. Issues with bad habits need to be addressed and changed and if you are thinking of starting a new exercise or health regime, now is a great time to start it, but set achievable goals rather than drastic ones that make you want to give up.

Work wise, there is good news connected to contracts and decisions coming your way this month. If you have been waiting on news about a decision or situation connected with work you will hear about this in the next 2 weeks and it is likely to go your way. However, if you have been feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the work coming your way, do not be afraid to ask for help. This month you are going to find your workload increasing and you will be busy busy busy.  If you are looking for work it may be connected to the legal system, health & fitness, banking & finances and real estate.Where relationships are concerned, there is going to be a new beginning. Taking a good hard look at what you have been through and overcome will allow you to make a fresh start on where you want this relationship to go and what you want it to become. If you are looking for love it is connected to a gym or health place, an outdoor event and a earth or fire sign.


Taurus: Moon & Open Book.

Things generally are looking great this month as you enjoy a bit of material satisfaction through extra work that will come your way. There will be opportunities to learn new skills,  connected with a hobby or passion of yours. A holiday or daytrip you take in the latter half of June will be just what you need to relieve some of that tension you have been feeling. This month will be mainly focused on your feelings and expressing your emotions. For some reason you have this habit of pretending that you are fine or that you are not bothered by situations or people, when really you do need to speak up. There will be good news connected to work contracts, an engagement or wedding and a celebration connected to a birthday. That said, be careful of mood swings; you may find yourself being a bit all over the place emotionally.

Work this month is going to change for the better. If you have been working on a part time basis, you may find this changing to either a full time or simply more permanent position as the workload increases. Towards the middle of the month there will be a confusing situation that occurs with an authority figure. The situation itself is a misunderstanding where someone's opinion or intentions have not been made clear, but it will cause some anger to rise up in you. Try to stay calm and keep a clear head till you hear this person out.  If you are looking for work, it is likely to be connected to nightshift work, education, psychology, healthcare, self-employment or apprenticeships.

Relationship wise, this month you are going to be prone mood swings due to you bringing work matters home, which may end up affecting your relationship. Whilst a loved one will show patience with you, there is going to be only so much they can take. So instead of pretending you are fine, make sure you speak up, as they do only want to help. A holiday a short romantic trip will remind you both of how love is supposed to be. If you are looking for love it is connected to education, work, travel or a night out.


Gemini: The Wand & Hope.

Something creative you do could pay off in a material way. Whilst travel or holidays are on your mind, try to create a budget and stick to it. For some of you there will be important decisions in work to be made, connected with not knowing whether to stay where you are or reach for something new and more challenging. There will be good news in the form of acknowledgement, or a reward for some work you do, and a birthday gift you receive will let you know who really loves you, and it’s not the person you thought it would be! Time spent with loved ones will remind you of how much they all care.

Work wise, this month is about showing off your skills and talents. You are full of ideas, projects and ways to improve your work, but you need to put them into action. You have the ability to achieve anything you set your mind to, so don't sit back and wait for it to be handed on a plate. Don't be afraid to ask for what you want and need in order to achieve your goals. If you are looking for work it is probably going to be connected to retail, office work, health care or management positions.

Relationship wise, it is time to cut ties with those that hold you back. Whether its friends or lovers, something does need to change and only you can make that happen currently. For some of you a relationship may be coming to an end or you have just ended one, and for others there may be minor issues that need to be resolved, mainly to do with words that have been said. We often say things in the heat of the moment and then regret them later, but it is important to talk if you want love to work. Nothing is lost until you choose to let it go, so if you want things to work, there is still hope. For those of you looking for love it is connected to the gym, a grocer, a café or restaurant and friends of friends.


Cancer: Closed Book & Pencil.

It’s time to get organised, as wishes you have put aside can now start to become a reality. A situation that’s gone on for a while is going to start getting better, but only when you start being a little bit stricter with yourself. Something you have been putting off may reappear. Do not hesitate to ask for help or let your pride get in the way of getting help. There is good news connected to work - a promotion, pay rise or a new job. A situation regarding work is coming to an end, and about time too. If you have been struggling to finish a project or task you have been working on, you will find the answer to your problems comes through asking for help and working as a team rather than on your own will get the job done much quicker. If you have been struggling to find work however, you are about to find a whole range of opportunities opening up for you,  linked to education, government roles, management roles, travel, building and construction or real estate.

This month love is in the air as you start making plans together for the future. It may have felt like your relationship had been stuck for a while, but now you will see it moving in a more positive direction. A small issue connected with jealous or controlling behaviour will cause a few disagreements in the beginning of the month, but by the end it, you will be back to being lovey-dovey again. If you are looking for love it is connected to work, an ex and a beach or place with water.


Leo: The world & The Fence.

Financially there will be a little bit of a struggle at the start of the month, when you may find yourself cutting loose just a little bit too much. The impulsive purchases and “deal with it tomorrow” attitude may not seem like such a good idea afterwards. Don’t worry too much though, with some careful moderation you will be back on track in no time. Good news will come connected to travel and holidays, a house change or move or a secret romance.

Try to find a balance between work and everyday life. This month you are ready to face any challenges that come your way with sheer ambition and determination. However all that rushing around may mean that you end up missing vital information that could affect your work. A colleague is going to be pushing your buttons this month, mainly through trivial little things that will get your goat. So rise above their petty behaviour and show them that they have no effect. If you are looking for work it is connected to building and construction real estate, travel, vehicles or teamwork.

In terms of your relationships, you may find yourself or a loved one being a bit defensive at times, and temperamental. There is an issue with communication and trust where one of you is not saying what is really going on, because you or they don't want to come across as a burden or needy. Make time for each other in your busy schedules to talk about what is going on. If you are looking for love it is connected to work, a show, social media or travel.


Virgo: The Coin & The Car.

This is a great month for you and abundance is coming your way and for some of you there may be a big change made at home. Watch out for an ex that pops up out of the blue. Be wary of rushing around too much and just generally slow down if you can.

There is good changes happening on the work front, connected to new jobs or roles you take on. The effort you have put in over the recent weeks is beginning to pay off way and you are opening new doors along the way.  You will need to show patience with others this month as you find yourself being pulled in many different directions, and others make demands on your time. Just remember when it gets too much that it’s ok to say no. If you are looking for work, you may need to step out of your comfort zone and try something new. Work is linked to banking & finances, transport and animals.

Relationships this month are going to be blessed. Most of the disagreements you have had recently have been over money matters, but that is going to change. You will find this month you are a bit more loved up than normal and you certainly won't be afraid to show it either. If you are looking for love it can be found connected to shopping, a gym, work or online.


Libra: The boot & The Anchor.

This month is full of surprises! An old book that you thought was junk is worth more than you realise. An opportunity to go back to school or learn a new skill will come your way, and a female friend will ask you for help regarding a money matter. News regarding a legal matter or a decision you have been waiting for will go your way. Pay attention to your diet and those little changes in your exercise routine as you’ll find them really rewarding.

This month you may find that you seem to be doing way too much work, but not getting enough recognition for it. If at any time you feel you are taking on too much, then put your foot down and let those know that are concerned.  The sad truth of the matter is, they know you will do it which is why they give you it, so don't be afraid to stand up and say no. Start this month as you meant to go on, in control. If you are looking for work, it is connected to farming, floristry, creative pursuits, self-employment, banking and finance or retail.

You may have reached a point in a relationship where you are finally feeling settled and secure. You know what each other needs and wants and go out of your way often to make it happen. Just be careful around the middle of the month when a partner may become a little clingy or needy. Make sure you keep the romance balanced and equal so it doesn't get boring. If you are looking for love it is connected to a beach, outside events, and a courthouse or police station.


Scorpio: The signpost & The Bear.

You’re going to be feeling that you’re spread a little thin this month, but on the other hand you’re going to enjoy a feeling of being in control. This month will be about choices for you, and learning what feels right. A decision connected to love and family will need to be made and a day trip you take will inspire you to take a different direction in life. Good news will be connected to an engagement or wedding for some.

Work wise, this month you may be feeling stuck for some reason. It could be that you want to change your career, or that you are just not going anywhere in the career that you are in. But although this feeling of being stuck is making you want to change your path, the question is, to what? If you are looking for work it can be found connected to office work, tourism, security or police work or self-employment.

Where relationships are concerned a partner may come across as demanding at times, mainly when they want to get their own way. So make sure you can find compromises that will work for the both of you but avoid unnecessary clashes. A question that gets asked will require an especially honest answer. If you are looking for love it is connected to friends, a night out, social media and a choice between an old love and a new one.


Sagittarius: The Hand and The Open Book.

Look out for good things this month. An opportunity for promotion or to learn a new skill is too good to miss, so make sure you are putting in enough effort to get yourself known. Your intuition is going to be in overdrive this month and you may find yourself wanting to explore spirituality a little bit more. You have the ability to be anything you want to be or to do anything you want to do, but you currently seem stuck as to which path you should take. Use any free time you have to research new options to see what suits you best, instead of just wondering “What if?”

Where work is concerned you may have found it has become a bit dull or boring lately, but that is going to change. You may find yourself being offered the chance to step up in to a new role or be offered a new job this month, but only if you are making the effort to get it. A boss is going to be watching how you work and will give praise where it is warranted, so now is your time to shine. If you are looking for work it is connected to education, charity, healthcare, health & beauty, counselling, and the hospitality services.

Talks about commitment will be the main feature of your relationships this month, as it seems that one of you is not pulling your weight in the relationship. If it’s you that has gotten used to a certain way, then you may need to show some action in order to stop this relationship becoming distant. If it’s your partner that is not helping out, make sure you speak to them about what could be changed to keep that spark alive. If you are looking for love an ex may pop up out of the blue, a helpful friend, social gatherings, and a library or place of study will hold the key to your next love.


Capricorn: The Clock & The Heart.

This is it. It's a big changing point for you where you are looking at your life and the year you’ve head and it’s got you thinking about where you actually want to be. Start making plans and putting them into action, as your current determined mood is just what you need to make things happen. You are in the mood for setting goals. Watch out for delays when travelling and make sure you leave with extra time. Good news is connected to children and houses, and some issues that have held you back are going to change for the better. Make a point of putting yourself first for a change, as self-love is just as important for you as it is for others.

When it comes to work, you are in an imaginative mood this month, full of creative ideas and projects that you would like to get done, but you have this habit of procrastinating and finding ways of avoiding the work that has to get done first. If you are on a time schedule for work to be completed, then create a routine and stick to it. If you are looking for work it is connected to arts and crafts, self - employment, houses, healthcare or medical work, health & beauty or travel. 

This month you are going to feel blessed in love and your romantic life, as everything seems to be going your way. You are just as in tune with loved ones as they are with you and you will be making plans for the future. A romantic trip together will bring about some big questions. If you are looking for love, it is connected to a hobby or passion of yours, a night out with friends or a place near water.



Aquarius: The pipe & 2 Hearts entwined.

This month you should allow yourself a treat or two. If you are travelling allow extra time for delays, and plan alternative routes just in case. There is good news connected to celebrations, a new job or role at your current job and a wedding or engagement may be on the way for some.

Things will be going well where work is concerned, but be careful not to let your work pattern slide around the middle of the month. If you do, you will end up running around trying to get things done at the last minute. If you are looking for work it is connected to real estate, banking and finance, retail, health and beauty or education.

Relationships this month will feel balanced and equal, much like you are on the same page finally. You know what each other wants and needs and you work in harmony together to make things happen. If you are looking for love, you’ll find it connected to a delay that happens when travelling, online dating and celebrations connected to friends.


Pisces: The Anchor & The Moon.

You may find yourself planning for a holiday, one that’s a bit more extravagant than usual. There is a need to get rid of clutter this month and free yourself from stuff that you no longer need (including ex's!) and if you can try to avoid gossip, as it is more trouble than it's worth. 

Good news is connected to work, positions of power and possibly a move that you have been contemplating. You will be feeling stable and secure enough in your current position, they you may be thinking about a change, such as a promotion or a pay rise. Now is the time to do it as your work has been on top form lately and it is about to get busier than normal. If you are looking for work it is connected to banking and finance, hospitality, retail or shift work. 

Relationships will be feeling solid right up until around the 20th or just before. Around that time a situation connected to gossip or hearsay is going to cause a lot of confusion, so rather than jumping the gun and assuming, make sure you speak to each other to remove any confusion. If you are looking for love it can be found at a beach, whilst shopping, through friends and a night out.

Thanks for reading, have a great month!

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