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Is Your Love Emotionally Available?

We all know and recognise if a relationship is to start, thrive and evolve, both parties have to be emotionally invested, and to be emotionally invested is to be emotionally available.  Without this, there cannot be a balanced relationship.

I do feel that we have all been in that relationship where we question if our partner is giving as much as we are.  Or that person of interest who barely notices us, pays lip service to contact and dates.  We have all experienced it and know how horrible it makes us feel. 

So how do you know if they are emotionally available? 

If they confuse you, if they are not clear on their intentions. If you feel vulnerable during the relationship, then they are not emotionally available.

If they are not honest with you about how they feel; if they are downright dishonest about things just to make you stay with them… then they are not emotionally available.

If they make you question who you are to them or what role you play in their life; if they give no clarity, then they are not emotionally available.  

If they are not around for you either physically or emotionally when you need them, then they are not emotionally available.  

If they are only around for the good times and refuse to deal with the bad times within the relationship, then I’m sorry to say, they are not invested enough and therefore are not fully emotionally available.

To be emotionally available means that they will make you feel valued and safe at all times. It is really that simple.

We all go through times when we must withdraw into our own shells; life can be tough, but when someone is emotionally available, they will be there for you as you are for them. 

We can always take our partner for granted but that does not mean we are not emotionally available… it’s life. When you, or they, step up in times of need, that is what matters.

Again, just a few things to ponder on.


Shelly x

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