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Emma Rose

No Means No

You know that feeling in your body that screams “No” or “Wrong way”? Sometimes it’s a whisper, sometimes it’s a gurgle, sometimes it’s a loud thump and sometimes it’s a scream!

Listen! It’s your compass, your in-built GPS map that will let you know when you are going off course or ultimately the wrong way. Now, like any good GPS map it will re-route you if you do choose the “wrong way”, and it will put you right back on path again, but why do we go the long way? Let’s explore, shall we?

Why do we all choose, from time to time, to go the way the body says, “nope, not a good idea”?

Well, it’s because of low self-worth, low self-esteem, or because sometimes we don’t believe it’s as easy to go in a straight line, almost like we have to work really hard, for life to work easily.

We pick up these conditions and ideas along the way of striving and working hard to have an easier life, but sometimes the more you listen to your gut, your body, your “No” and your “Yes”, the easier it gets. The lane opens up, the traffic dies down and you can zoom straight ahead in your lane.

Do you deserve it? Yes! Will there still be challenges and speed bumps along the road? Yes! But you will be so much happier when you listen to that true “No” and “Yes”.

We must start to undo the harsh conditioning of our ancestors, “work hard and play hard”, and instead listen to our true north and start to create your own conditioning, the real you that is screaming and singing from your belly “follow me”.

The real you wants to come forward, to go beyond the voices of your ancestors, who more than likely had to shut things down in their bodies in order to survive. And can choose to make a new way!

Listen to your “No” and “Yes”, create a new path and never look back. New pathways will form beyond your wildest imaginations!

Emma Rose

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