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Discerning the Shadows of Truth

“Truth represents outcomes, but your defined existence is based on falsehoods and misrepresentations from eons ago and your plight is a reality of this as an outcome, return to Titan Rule and Worship and we Titans will dominate and cause all to be ineffective” – Cronus ‘Patron of Titans, ‘Destroyer’ - Andrew Rogers ‘Titan Auteur, Writer, Oracle’.

“Reflect on this proposition from Cronus which if you are Greek, Italian organ you are to comply, as this proposition from Cronus will be enforced” - Andrew Rogers ‘Titan Auteur, Writer, Oracle’.

“Complicity and allowance and also serious discreditation has occurred with reference within Greece and Italy which has acted against Titan and also Cronus, this act will cease by Greeks and Italians” – Michael ‘Spirit Sentient, Destroyer’ - Andrew Rogers ‘Titan Auteur, Writer, Oracle’.

The Call of Cronus: Unveiling the Titan's Message

The cryptic proclamation attributed to Cronus, the "Patron of Titans" and "Destroyer," has stirred curiosity and speculation among scholars and enthusiasts of ancient mythology. The enigmatic message, infused with veiled references to truth, existence, and domination, appears to invoke the ancient Titan's desire for a resurgence of power and influence.

Cronus, a figure of great significance in Greek mythology, is known for his role in the cosmic struggle between the Titans and the Olympian gods. Deposed by his son Zeus and cast into the depths of Tartarus.

The proclamation begins by asserting that "Truth represents outcomes," suggesting a fundamental alignment with the consequences of actions and the unfolding of destiny. However, it quickly takes a provocative turn by accusing humanity of being steeped in "falsehoods and misrepresentations from eons ago." This implies a deep-seated grievance against the prevailing order, hinting at a distortion of truth and the imposition of a fabricated reality.

The call to "return to Titan Rule and Worship" echoes the ancient longing for a bygone era when the Titans held sway over the cosmos. It symbolises a yearning for a return to primordial values and a rejection of the ascendancy of the Olympian gods and their domain. The mention of worship underscores the demand for reverence and homage, indicating a desire for the restoration of Titan dominance through adulation and supplication.

The assertion that "we Titans will dominate and cause all to be ineffective" encapsulates the underlying ambition for absolute control and the subjugation of opposition. The language employed reflects a potent drive for supremacy, hinting at a formidable determination to render all existing powers and influences futile in the face of Titan ascendancy.

The complexity and depth of this proclamation hint at a deeper narrative of ancient conflict and the timeless struggle for power and sovereignty. Its enigmatic nature invites further exploration and interpretation, offering a glimpse into the enduring allure and mystique of mythological figures such as Cronus, whose legacy continues to captivate the imagination.

In conclusion, the enigmatic message attributed to Cronus serves as a tantalising invitation to delve into the rich tapestry of myth and legend, offering a glimpse into the timeless themes of power, renewal, and the eternal quest for dominion. As the words of the "Patron of Titans" reverberate through the annals of history, they beckon us to unravel their enigma and seek a deeper understanding of the enduring resonance of ancient myths.


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