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Living Life Your Own Way

What does this mean?  It will mean something different to everyone.  Some will see it as selfish and not considering others.  Others will see it as marching to your own drum, not conforming as they live life as they wish.

Both are right.  What differs the two is that the former will walk over people and the latter will simply go on their own pathway.

Essentially it means that you ‘choose your own pathway and life journey’.  

There is a reason that each of our lives are different and do not mirror each other, when last in spirit, you decided what your life lessons would be and on each of our pathways, those lessons will be there.   No matter which pathway you take with freewill, the lessons will still weave into the fabric of your life. Plus, lives are different as we are all unique.

Basically, there isn’t a way of avoiding life lessons, which is why you are not usually told of them, so you cannot avoid them.

Live a life that makes you content; a life where you know you are doing the right thing by yourself and others.  A life that means you can look at yourself and know you come from a place of truth and integrity.  Those life lessons will bring challenging times, but if you are living your truth, at least you do not have to learn that lesson!!

Living life your own way means you are being truthful, not just with yourself, but with others.  Others see who you are and if nothing else, no matter how weird and wonderful you are, they have to accept that you are living your truth.

I am not talking about operating outside of the boundaries placed upon all of us in law, but living life how we wish to.  Those who do not have to conform to other viewpoints or habits to fit in.  Those who know who they are and are true to themselves. Those that stand up and are counted from a place of integrity.

We do not often remember our past lives unless we have a regression and it becomes a memory, therefore we must base decisions on this lifetime and live how we wish to in this lifetime. So, we have nothing to reflect on and see the life lessons learnt and then the lessons remaining in this lifetime.  Living life and being authentic will make some look at you as a little odd, but does that really matter?  No one has the right to judge another, and those that live an authentic life do not care about others’ opinions.  At the end of the day, their opinions do not matter.

As a reader, often when I tell others what I do, I will be met with either ‘how wonderful’ or ‘do not believe it’ to silence.  I do not try to change the disbeliever’s opinions as that is their lesson to learn; they will find out in good time. Nor do I try to please the person that believes or try to get the silent one to open up.  As I know what I do, what I see and who I am, I do not need or require the permission or approval of others.  That is living my own life, walking my own truth.  I do not mean to sound egotistical but simply using myself as an example of walking my truth, living my own life and being content with who I am.  It is up to you how you live your life.   

Besides, conforming to what others want from you is very tiring if you are not being true to yourself. Not conforming is very liberating.  Living life in your own way, no matter what way that is, is peaceful. 

You could be someone who is comfortable in conforming, you could be someone who is not.  There is no right or wrong way so long as you are happy with it, but respect that others are living their life in their own way.   We sometimes forget that an opinion is just that, an opinion, both can be right and both can be wrong. 

So next time you look at someone and think maybe they are a tad odd, think again… they could just be walking their truth, being authentic and living their best life. And for that, we should be happy for them.


Shelly x

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