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How To Treat Other People

‘Always treat others as you wish to be treated’.               


For everything we think and every thought we act on, there is an effect.

Such a small statement to make, but our words and actions can have a very long-term effect on others, some good, some bad, but this blog article is just to give you a bit of an insight to this. Hopefully we can all make the world a better place by altering how we react and sometimes how we act towards others.

The statement ‘you get more with sugar than with spice’ is perfect.  I am not talking at a corporate level; I am talking at a personal level. I am not naïve enough to think that the world is full of fluffy bunny rabbits and pink unicorns (though it would be nice if it were) but I am sensible enough to know when to pick my battles.

Let’s look at actions and reactions we make.  Take it to its simplest form: Be nice!!  I remember when Mike, the love of my life, died and I was taken to register his death, (not being morbid it just shows exactly the point I am trying to make). I did not know the vehicle registration of the person who took me, as they had just changed their car.  Please remember, I could barely put one foot in front of the other let alone memorise a registration… So there I am, stood at the machine to pay for the car parking when a man behind me starts to mock me for not remembering the registration.  He could not see my face.  When I turned around, he saw that tears were running and I just turned and said ‘would you remember if your partner had just died’.  He didn’t know what to say.  But in one fell swoop he learnt not to mock another, as you just never know what that person is going through.

His actions made my day worse.  My reaction made him feel awful about himself, but he learnt a valuable lesson.

But this also taught me not to make instant decisions based on assumptions.  Always base a decision on having as much information as you possibly can have about a situation and if you don’t have enough information, don’t make hasty decisions. Those that read with me know, I always say ‘if in doubt, do nowt’.  Wait for the information to come to you, as one day you will wake up and know what to do.

If we all spend a moment thinking about what we are saying to someone else, if we just think about how we sound to them, then maybe, just maybe, they will in turn do the same to someone else.  Lead by example. 

Same as decision making.  Never put pressure on someone to make a decision. A lot of choices do have time limits and in that case it is different, but let’s take a look at love. If you say to someone ‘you have until 4pm to make a decision on us otherwise I am walking’ that is an ultimatum and they never end well.  Choices, no matter what, should be made freely, not under any form of coercion and if you are being pressurised, red flags should be flying and if you are the one doing the pressure, please stop.  It never ends well.

By giving yourself and others time and space to make decisions, they cannot ever blame you for making the wrong decision; nor can you blame others if your choice turns out to be a bad choice.  On that note … turn that around, there are no bad choices, just experiences!!  No negativity.

We should all be considerate, responsible and mindful of how we are with others.  ‘Always treat others as you wish to be treated’ is one of the best phrases we can live by.  Don’t get me wrong, if you need to shout as they are not listening, then fair enough, but expect to get shouted back at.  Life is not always rosy, but if you can make it that bit better for someone then you should do so. 

Kindness, manners, consideration etc are all free.  Trust and respect have to be earnt, but the others are free.  How you behave is a reflection of yourself. 

Always be a better version of who you were yesterday. 


Shelly x - PIN 600333

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