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Are You Being Cheated On?

Are You Being Cheated On?


There are some classic signs to let you know your partner or potential partner has someone else around them.


First clue: Do they take their mobile with them everywhere? Do they take it to the bathroom with them? Do they never leave it out on show? Is it always locked? Are they always checking it?  Do they leave a table or a room to take a call?


Second clue: Are you able to call them whenever you want, any time of day, or are evenings or weekends off limits?  They must be so busy, but are they?


Third clue: They can come to your house, but can you go to theirs?  Could that be off bounds for some reason?


Fourth clue: Are they happy to be seen with you around their local area? Can you hold hands, sit in a restaurant, or invite them to a family or friend’s event?


Fifth clue: How much do you know about them? Do you get invited in to what is going on in their lives?


Sixth clue: Do they spend an awful lot of time on the computer and close things when you get near?


Seventh clue: Have their sexual habits changed? Are they suddenly more interactive than usual or is there a total loss of interest? 


To summarise this, let us look at the equality of a relationship. If you cannot contact them when you want to, or if you cannot pop around their house, or if they don’t share mutual family and friend’s relationships with you, it could be an indicator that something is not quite right here. Look out for these red flags!


You deserve the best, so don’t take anything less.


Warm wishes

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