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How To Ground Yourself

How to ‘Ground Yourself’

Ever felt you are not able to concentrate as well as you used to? Are you becoming more and more distracted? The list of problems you can experience if your mind is going into overdrive, or indeed if your third eye, your ‘Ajna’ is too open and active, is endless. It can cause many things, even out of body experiences or lucid dreams.  Like anything, we can overuse it. 

If you find this is you, there is a simple ‘fix’.  Ground yourself.  Here is how you do it.  I would always suggest that those that do have a psychic ability do this anyway after shutting down. 

Grounding yourself is all about connecting to Mother Earth’s energy using a root chakra meditation.

Find a quiet space where you won’t be interrupted. The process doesn’t take long, but you will need to set aside about fifteen minutes to do this.

Sit quietly for about ten minutes, with both feet firmly on the floor; no tippy toes, or one foot under the leg, both firmly on the floor.

With regular breathing, picture your root chakra (it’s at the bottom of the spine).  Feel that chakra.  Take a deep breath and at the same time imagine your legs are two roots going into the ground. 

Whilst breathing in, imagine the earth sending up your feet and legs a red energy that makes the root chakra glow a bit red.

As you breath out, notice a black energy coming out of your root chakra, so it gets more and more red the longer you go on.

Continue to inhale red and exhale black until your root chakra is completely red. 

Once you get to this point, sit and just enjoy how secure you feel.  This is the grounding. 

Slowly open your eyes and hold onto the power you feel, as that energy is yours to have when you need it.

I will talk more about the Ajna or root chakra in the future.


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