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How Mediums Speak With Spirit

Speaking with Spirit is something that we Mediums do on a daily basis but sometimes people ask “how come you can communicate with Spirit and I can’t?”  The simple answer to this question is Yes You can, everyone can speak to Spirit; however, some people find it difficult to pick up on what Spirit is trying to say back.

As Psychic Mediums We have to constantly work and meditate to build and strengthen our connection with the Spirit world. Yes; it’s true that some people are born as natural Mediums and have been able to speak with Spirit since childhood; like myself (although I did ignore Spirit for many years as I wasn’t ready for the interactions and was afraid of being judged by the people around me for being strange etc.) but almost everybody has the ability to work on and strengthen their ability to communicate with Spirit.
When Spirit connects with us they do so on a soul to soul level, every Medium works differently with Spirit and there are many different types of Mediums.

Some see Spirit just as they would a normal person on this earth with their physical eyes – these are called objective Mediums and can normally see and hear Spirit very well as they are so sensitive. There are physical Mediums who can actually make the Spirit manifest from a substance in the body called “plasma” and this normally comes out of the Mediums mouth and builds up physically in the form of the Spirit for everyone in the room to see and interact with (these types of Mediums are very rare today but still do exist).
There are then the most common types of Mediums who are Intuitive (subjective Mediums) who can see images/pictures and symbols in the mind’s eye which need to be interpreted, this can sometimes be tricky to begin with which is why the meditation is such an important role in Our development, they also hear words or phrases and feel sensations in the body and are also sensitive to smell and taste.

Sometimes when having a reading the medium will receive information which makes absolutely no sense at all to the medium but makes perfect sense to the sitter which is why it’s important we refrain from judging the information we receive and just pass it on as it comes to us.

Personally, I can speak with Spirit in many different ways.

If the person has died a long time ago and has a strong Spiritual energy built up then I can see them as a sort of white light mist with my physical eyes in the form of a human and will get the impression of them very strongly, these Spirits are normally very good at giving information without the use of symbols, they can speak it and I hear it as a taught in my head and it’s like I’m watching a movie of their life in my mind’s eye as they are speaking.

If the person hasn’t got a very strong energy built up yet then I will hear a ringing in my ear and can then go into a psychic state and start to receive images, feeling and sensations as well as tastes and smells. I don’t normally label what type of medium I am because I don’t think it matters but I guess if I were to label it then it would be a mix between subjective and objective with the subjective part being stronger (at the moment).

We are not always guaranteed to speak with the Spirit that We want to and there are a few reasons for this; the Spirit may not have died long ago and could still be transitioning to the other side, they may be busy working on themselves Spiritually evolving to a higher plane, they may be afraid to step forward (Yes, this can happen to a Spirit that has recently passed) or they may feel that those communicating with the person enquiring would take an emotional toll on the person or cause problems for them mentally.
Spirit will always work for our highest and best good and have good intentions behind everything even if we cannot yet see it.
Most Mediums work with one or several Spirit Guides who will assist them in working with other Spirits in order to strengthen communication and make it clearer and also to keep them safe and protected at all times from lower level or malevolent entities; we normally speak with these guides daily and have an extremely strong connection with them.

Guides can sometimes be someone that the Medium knew in life and have both decided to work together in the afterlife.
If You are interested in learning more the I would suggest starting with a few good books and join a development circle or Spiritual church in Your area.

As a Spiritual Coach I can help you to get started on Your Spiritual journey and provide you with support and some good references and starting points.  Call or IM me for a Reading or more information.

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