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Have You Got ESP?

Have you always suspected you have ESP? Humans have five senses: hearing, smell, sight, taste, and touch. Do you have an animal-like sixth sense—a psychic sense? Ever predict the future, or sense imminent danger? Well here’s your chance to find out. Take Zen’s quiz to see how sensitive you really are…

When the telephone rings at dinner time, you: 
A) Automatically know who it is on the end of the line.
B) Keep your fingers crossed and hope it’s you know who.
C) Wonder if the pizza guy is lost.

After awakening from a dream that rocked your world, you:
A) Quickly jot down the details and decode it all.
B) Ponder the messages and are semi-intrigued.
C) Forget all about it.

When facing a decision, you listen to your gut feelings about it:
A) Always.
B) Sometimes.
C) Never.

You’re considering relocating. You:
A) Use deep meditation to make your decision.
B) Call some real estate agents to try to get a vibe about the new location.
C) Stay put because you fear the unknown.

How often have you had an image or strange feeling about a friend or family member, to find out later that they were in trouble?
A) Often.
B) Sometimes.
C) Never.

Have you ever felt like you’ve been somewhere or with someone before?
A) Definitely.
B) Once in a while.
C) Not really.

Do you find yourself able to finish a person’s sentence?
A) Yes.
B) Occasionally.
C) no.

Do you believe humans and animals have a sixth sense and can sense oncoming natural disasters? 
A) Undoubtedly.
B) Maybe.
C) No way.

Do your dreams ever come true?
A) You bet.
B) Once or twice.
C) Never.

Ever think about someone, only to have them contact you within minutes or hours?
A) Of course.
B) Sometimes.
C) no.

The more A’s, B’s, and C’s you answer will tell you how sensitive or psychic you are. Some experts think humans have ESP (extraordinary perception by means other than physical senses). Some say it’s a mystery of nature. And some things humans know are unsolved mysteries—or are they?

Mostly A’s – Super Sensitive (empathetic, sensitive, sensual)
Congrats! You’ve got your psychic abilities in working order. You trust yourself and are a clear thinker who sees the signs through images, hunches and emotions. Jeffrey A. Wands, psychic and author of The Psychic in You (Simon & Schuster), says the Super Sensitive “acts upon her intuition.”
Time to Tune In: Adds LA celeb psychic Malena: “Intuitive people tend to be emotional sponges. Be mindful of your personal boundaries.” Most importantly, pay attention to dreams, visions, and your those little inner voices. There are gut feelings you must never tune out.

Mostly B’s – Hunch Honey (cautious, flexible, open-minded)
Sometimes you get a hot premonition and sometimes you don’t. “Hunch Honey has the same ability as the Super Sensitive but she doesn’t act on her intuition,” says Wands. “It takes her longer to trust her intuitive feelings.” But you can read some signs, sort of. Time to Tune In: You often get those déjà vu feelings,” says Malana. “Don’t fear your inner knowledge. Your hunches can help you.” Next time you get a funny feeling, don’t tune it out!

Mostly C’s – Clueless Camper (conservative, headstrong, skeptical)
Unlike the Super Sensitive and Hunch Honey, this clueless person is out of touch. “She walks around in a constant fog. Her feelings are as unpredictable as the stock market. She relates on a totally intellectual level rather than a spiritual one,” explains Wands. “She thinks, ‘Intuition, what’s that?’” Time to Tune In: “When you get a get feeling, go for it!,” says Malena. “Be receptive to clues no matter how silly they seem.” In other words, feel emotions, images and thoughts that come to you, and enjoy the gift of intuition.

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