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Gratitude Within Our Lives


How often do we really appreciate what we have within our lives, how often do we take things for granted?  We at sometimes in our lives do take things for granted whether it be a loved one, friend, health, job, home or materialistic things we have acquired throughout our lives.  But what if it was suddenly gone what would you do then, either one thing from the list, two or all?

Everything we have in this physical World is on Loan, Yes you heard me correctly, on loan, our homes, that we are buying on a mortgage if we are lucky enough to have one, the car, the job we do, the materialistic wealth we have acquired etc.  it is transient, it is just whilst we are passing through this world, we cannot take it with us into the Spirit World when we depart this physical World and leave our physical existence behind.

So what is really important is our lives in the physical World and what we take with us into the next dimension that will I feel serve us well, where we meet with our loved ones again on a different vibration?

In the physical world, accumulation of materialistic objects and wealth is of course nice to have but not really the purpose of why I believe we are here, however learning to help, support, guide, love, respect each other and ourselves is a major contributor on our soul journey.  To love each other and also to love and look after oneself is very important too.  We are given a physical body, which wears out during the course of time, health is important obviously, and maintenance of the body system.  Rather like looking after a car, the car needs to be overhauled, maintained, needs diesel to run, regular servicing and needs looking after regularly and a bit of tender loving care too; just like our bodies, it needs us to invest in us, body, mind and spirit and take time out to do this. 

When did you last take time out to invest in looking after yourself, your physical, psychological/mental wellbeing, your investment in you?   I am not talking about getting dressed up to the nines for a social evening; I am talking about being at one with yourself, your spirit and your soul, for you are not separate from such you are combined in one, you are not just the physical being you present to the world, you are much more than that, so why not spend even 5-10 minutes per day getting to know yourself or even 3 times per week for a few minutes? We often make excuses, but what excuse do you have for not getting to know yourself better at a soul level, possibly being more at ease with yourself and reconnecting to source energy?

When sending gratitude out to the universe for what you have within your life, I believe the Universe responds appropriately.  Being grateful for what you have, things you have acquired whether it be through experiences, help, love, support you have received, sends it out to the Universe and then I believe the Universe responds appropriately in that it receives the message and even returns more for you to be thankful for.  Remember what has been stated before, that the Universe responds to your needs when the time is appropriate.

You may wish to carry or have by your bedside a crystal or simple pebble, to pick up to remind you throughout your day to be grateful what you have had or do have in your life.   I have found it makes such a difference to me within my mind-set, my day and of course my gratitude and being humble. I have it in my pocket and sometimes just hold it and remember with gratitude during my day, it is so uplifting to me.

There are many souls whom have had a good home, family, friends and loved ones and their lives have been turned upside down, in turmoil, for a myriad of reasons, such as natural disasters, war torn areas, breakups, acts of war and destruction, to name just a few; there are many things to be thankful for in life; often you hear survivors state during the hardest and severest times in their lives, you may have heard words such as:-  we have each other that is the most important thing or we are alive; they are grateful to be alive and have each other; most of all are the precious memories of loved ones and the times shared together along the sacred paths; these are the memories we do take with as they have touched our hearts and souls and are not of materialist gain. 

We have a lot to be grateful for if only we take the time to look around us and within our hearts and souls.

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