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Are you ready for love?

We are of this World but not from this World, we participate in this World and we play a role, rather like a role of an actor, however it is our reality.  We have times of Conflict, Passion, Peace, Regret, Sadness, Judgement and Forgivement in Our lives.  Sometimes it is about others and sometimes about ourselves, sometimes we release the bonds which has emotionally tied us for a duration.

However, judgement of ourselves and others can hinder us within our daily lives.  Often when we have been hurt, we put our defences up to protect ourselves from hurt; sometimes isolating ourselves, or putting our protective armour on, pretending to others we are not hurt, when in fact we are hurting so much inside, but to the outside world we are steadfast, strong and get on with our lives.  We can blame others for what has happened and in turn can turn blame onto ourselves, which in turn can be quite damaging in a myriad of ways, as the mind and body are inter-related and one affects the other, often disharmony then exists and the body and mind then can become ill at ease and dis-ease can result.

If one does not judge, in that they remember what that person does is their Karma and what you do is your Karma in that what goes around comes around; however sometimes you are not meant to see this as you are not meant to see another person’s suffering as that is not right or just, as it is to go forward with our own lives and concentrate on our own paths. 

If we do not judge, we do not in turn need to forgive either.  Imagine not having to forgive a person, how much less burdensome that would feel, how much lighter you would feel emotionally and physically not having to carry a load of anger, frustration, blame, hurt around.  Remember, Conflict and Anger cannot survive without your participation, if you remove the participation only peace can exist.  How would that feel?

One may not be able to forget, which is different to forgiving a person.  Releasing forgiveness for what someone has done, genuinely, in turn releases you too from the bonds entwined between you both.  You are emotionally free from the emotional turmoil and pain, not from the memory, however what may be significant today may in time seem less painful.  An example of this is recall something that happened which was painful many years ago which may have recorded on a high score of a 9 or 10, yet if you looked at this today you may give this a 4 or 5, and in years to come it may be a 2 or 3.  Therefore, time helps you come to terms with the issue, alas to help you to cope.

You are too important, too priceless, to carry a burden which is not in your best interests which serves your highest vibration or your best intention, it was once stated to me the best form of defence is `LOVE’.  I at first did not agree with this, as I thought protection, our best suited armour, was preferable, as I am sure many would agree, such as into the breach dear friends and sort things out.

However, I have found to the contrary, I had locked out with my suit of armour, LOVE.  Yes I had given LOVE out to many, helped many, but I had put my defences up as to not be hurt again, to avoid conflict.  However, what I was actually doing, was keeping love at bay as I did not wish to take that chance, the wrong signals were being sent out.  Remember the Universe does not recognise the word don’t, again and again, I entered relationships which didn’t work out, hurt and hurt again, it recognised the word hurt and conflict, it had given me what I concentrated on hurt and conflict.

So now I have released my blocks and eventually realised that actually it is true, the greatest form of defence is LOVE and I know that LOVE and what I desire is indeed manifesting and my needs are being met all of them when the time is right for me.

So be mindful of judging oneself, another and importantly send love to oneself and others.  There is your path and they have theirs and each is responsible for their own and the Karmic seeds they sow, does one need to be punished by another?  Love makes the World go around, are you ready to release the Conflict, Anger, Resentment in yours and Surrender, Release and Accept Love into Your Life, because it cannot exist without your participation.

Angelic Blessings

Angelic Light


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