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D.I.Y New Year Wishes


We are fast approaching that time of year again, when wishes are spoken of openly and we all begin (with the best of intentions) to make our New Year resolutions. But wouldn’t it be nice if you could help yourself to manifest a little abundance into your life, well surprisingly you can, and even more surprisingly this needn’t cost the earth, as this is magic that comes for free!

The first things you need are faith and belief. Faith in yourself and a belief that change comes from within. So before beginning this simple exercise, throw away all self-down, and sit down to the task at hand with an air of optimism.


Creating your own Abundance Wish Board

·         You will need a large piece of card, depending upon your wishes, you might want to make it A4, (easier to display in limited space) or you might want to think big and go A3!

·         A pile of old magazines (the more and the varied the better)

·         Glue

·         Scissors

·         Coloured pens and glitter (optional if you like the bling)


Making wishes is not something to be taken lightly, so ensure that you plan for this activity. Set some time aside for yourself, switch off your phone and let those who might normally disturb you, know that you are taking some serious ME time.

Next set the mood, make sure the lighting is bright enough to see, but you might also want to add some candles to help set the mood.  Depending upon your wishes, you might wish to light candles that correspond to chakras or even angels. For example if you are hoping to write a novel, light an orange candle to invite Archangel Gabriel’s assistance. Or if you are trying to invite love into your life, light a green or pink, to open the heart chakra. Play some music, I find anything instrumental by LLewllyn to be perfect. And make sure you have a drink at hand, a peppermint tea, or glass of still water is perfect, but the choice once again is down to you. At the end of the day, this is meant to be enjoyable. Ensure that you have plenty of room to lay everything out, but are also sitting comfortably. Now you are ready to begin.


Whenever I am doing anything that requires being organised I always send out a request to Archangel Metatron, Archangel Chamuel and Archangel Uriel. The first to get me motivated, the second to show me the paths open to me and the third, to give me the wisdom to acknowledge what must be done. So this is perfect time to call this angelic trio. Now just spend some time simply looking through the magazines. Focus on the pictures, not the headlines, or the stories. Look at every image, including adverts and allow your intuition to guide you. As something calls out to you, and resonates with your wishes or resolutions, cut it out. There is no limit to how many, but just bear in mind the size of your cardboard.

You might want to get fit in the New Year so cut out images of gym equipment, toned bodies, or even that perfect outfit that the slimmed down you will look amazing in. You might want to cut out the activities or equipment, that will help you to achieve this, swimming, roller skates, footballs, horses, again the choices are limitless, and you might even see something, you had not previously considered. You might want to start a relationship or even a family, again collect images associated with these events, wedding dresses, rings, baby baskets, smiling babies. Once you have gathered all your images, the fun begins. Now you get to stick these down onto the piece of card, ensuring that each time you do, you know that you are telling the Universe this is exactly what you wish to attach to your future. This is where your faith and belief come in.

You might wish to add words around your pictures, and this is where the pens and glitter come in. Think carefully about the colour of these, so you might decide to write HEALTH in big green letters (healing colour) and bling it up with red glitter (energising colour) to show this will bring enhanced energy. The choice is yours; allow your intuition to link you with your imagination as the two go hand in hand.


Now you have finished your Abundance Wish Board and it is indeed something to truly own and be proud of, not something to be hidden away. Think carefully about where you wish to display it. Make sure it is in full sight, and is somewhere where you get to see it each day. Allow yourself time each day to absorb the images, and to let your mind wander to the time when these will become your reality. Connect with how this makes you feel, the joy, excitement, relief, or security that you will feel, and as you do so know that your faith will in turn kick start the law of attraction.

A wish board is only as effective as your belief in its magic, and so you need to do this wholeheartedly and know as you look upon it, that what you have wished for is already winging its way in your direction. Keep a gold or silver pen close by, and be sure to write down the date, that each comes your way, or place a little star or smiley face beside it.

What are you waiting for?  Start collecting those magazines, and create your own abundant future!


Love and Light Maria xx


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