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Getting To Know Your Angels

Getting to Know Your Angels

The old adage ‘ a dog is for life not just for Christmas’ could just as easily apply to Angels, because the majority of people only ever think about Angels during the festive season. They don’t realise that angelic assistance is always available to them, especially when they need it most.

It is not necessary for you to be religious to connect with Angels. Each and every human being has a Guardian Angel who sometimes alerts them to avoid a dangerous situation in the form of a hunch or gut instinct. Sometimes it will be your Guardian Angel that actually inspires you to take some form of positive action that will leads to the highest good.

As a general rule because we’ve all been born with free will and your Angel will only ever come forward when you reach out to them first, by asking for help or guidance with a certain issue.

Your Guardian Angel knows you personally and will send you signs in ways that are meaningful to you and you alone. The Angels love to work alongside humans as co-creators, so when making contact with them it is not necessary to beg or plead for their help.

One of the easiest ways to establish a connection with your Angels is simply to thank them for reminding you of their presence and then see what signs and symbols unfold later, on either that day or within the week.

The word Angel means ‘divine messenger‘, so once you’ve invited the Angels into your life be prepared for the messages to show up for you in the form of signs and symbols. Some of the most common universally known calling cards of the Angels are white feather, or coins, or perhaps a tame bird such as a Robin landing on your doorstep.

Angels work with us for our highest good, meaning they’re not likely to grant a trivial wish, but they will enable you to align with a more meaningful way of life.

When you decide to work with the Angels they will often connect with you by repeatedly showing you particular number sequences, such as seeing 11:11 on your phone every morning and night, without you consciously trying to see it. These are just a few of the clever little ways that Angels can use to playfully wake us up and get our attention. It can be useful to say a little prayer, or give thanks every time you see such a sign.

Angels vibrate on a frequency of love and light, so the more that you can do to match up with this light vibration, the faster you will make a strong connection with your Angels. If you know the Angel which you wish to work with it can be helpful to start singing their name, either quietly to yourself or aloud if you're on your own. You will often hear about choirs of angels, and it is believed that angels respond well to hearing their name in a little tune! Singing is a nice simple way to quickly raise your vibration.

You don’t need any specialist knowledge or skills to make a connection to the Angels, however some people find that speaking to a psychic who works with Angels can give you more clarity about the energies around you. Many psychics and tarot readers will also work with Angel cards for a more gentle perspective on a situation, which only focuses on the positive aspects of what is currently happening.

The original Rider Waite tarot deck also contains angelic imagery on certain cards, which may immediately highlight a reader to an angelic presence that you are working with.

The Important thing to remember is that when you are first learning to connect to the Angels, it's better to keep an open mind and stay curious about what you are experiencing. It can be useful to keep a Journal to note down dates and times that certain events occurred. Within a short time you will grow in confidence with your abilities to communicate with celestial energies and come to know that you are never truly alone!

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