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The Year Ahead in Crystals, Tarot and Astrology

The Year Ahead in Crystals, Tarot and Astrology

Each time a tarot card is pulled, at that moment the card has it’s own meaning, depending on it’s place in the spread and the person who pulls it from the pack. I work with angel tarot cards, specialising in romantic and love readings. Even in the best of relationships obstacles will occur. When looking at obstacles in a relationship I like to see the Justice card, as this shows you have courage and strength to overcome your obstacles and the blockage in your relationship.

The Justice card is part of what is called the Major Arcana. The card’s image, scales balanced on a sword, shows you that balance is possible with truth and fairness. The figure on the card, the Crown Justice, wears white shoes, a symbol that she delivers outcomes of actions. This card tells us that we reap what we sow.  if the Justice card appears in your reading when you have been wronged it means you will find relief.

The element associated with this card is Air and the air signs are Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. These signs make good communicators (which is a good trait within a relationship) but often there seems to be something slightly distant or unreachable about them. Air signs are great people to have around you. They will expand your friendship group, your mind and they’re normally good company, though to commit to a person or project they need to find it interesting and engaging. If you want to attract an Air sign into your life the best colours to use are Blue or Gold as these tend to be their colours. A Gemini will show as the lover’s card, Libra will show as the Justice card and Aquarius will show as the star card.

Through the darkness of the winter and the tricky situations we have all being living through, we will soon enter into March and the beginning of spring. The sun sign Aquarius and the card The Star take us into this period and things will begin to seem much brighter. If you pull the Star card during this period you’ll likely find a new source of optimism and an opportunity to share your spiritual side.

Mercury turns direct on March the 9th allowing us to move forward once more. On February the 27th we have the snow moon, which is the second full moon of the year. It’s a time for us to set our intentions and decide what we want to manifest. Aquarians are deep thinker who enjoy helping others. Amethyst gives the wearer a clearer vision helping them in their path ahead. Hematite and Amber along with Garnet and Suglite are all birthstones for Aquarius.

Amethyst is also the birthstone for Pisces, whereas Beryl crystals represent March. The lucky gem stone for a Pisces male is the aquamarine and for a female it is the Moss Agate or Turquoise. Pisceans are attracted to Taurus’s, Cancers and Scorpios making them the best love match. Pisceans are capable of thinking up ideas others would not think of with their empathetic personalities. The Snow Moon will be a Pisces moon.

The symbol of two fishes swimming in Pisces shows the emotion of this sign. People born under this sign will experience the highs and lows of the year, putting 2020 behind them and sharing their energy with all around them. 2021 will be a good year for Pisces in the beginning of the year. They will experience business growth and they will find themselves working within close time frames easily. Pisceans will create differences in opinions with their partners; therefore Pisceans need to be aware of the way you speak to avoid conflict. During the summer months they will experience domestic harmony. It will also be a good time to buy or invest in property. From October to the end of the year disputes with siblings will calm down, increasing a stronger family bond.

I thank you all for reading this blog and others that I have posted. It is thoroughly enjoyable reading for each and every one of you. I have truly met some wonderful and interesting people. Please feel free to give me a ring for guidance in any aspect of your lifes. In these uncertain times I can help with clarity and direction with a positive way forward.

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