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Fun In Meditation

If you’re anything like me, you might find the idea of meditation quite daunting. Yes, there is the “heavy” meditation, taught by Enlightened Souls where they tell you to blank your mind and “allow the Universe to unfold its message to you”.

It works well, under their guidance with appropriate music playing in the background and their soothing voice taking you on a meaningful journey, but it’s difficult for me to blank my mind and I often find myself drifting off when trying this practice on my own.

As a result I’ve adopted the belief that we all meditate in different ways at different times of the day.

Since meditation is an exercise of complete focus I believe we do it unconsciously on a daily basis;

  • When we’re engrossed with our work, especially relevant if you’re a Surgeon, Blockman, Pilot, Fireman, Fitter & Turner or Boilermaker, for example, jobs that demand total presence of mind.
  • Thinkers, such as Philosophers, Artists, Writers, Musicians, Business Strategists, Cosmologists and the like, are perpetually dipping into the Akashic records for answers and often even questions.
  • Most of us take to the most basic form of meditation, daydreaming, from a very young age.

I believe the easiest way to start training your brain into meditative ways is to start with the very basics, follow this example and think of creative ways you can improve your techniques as you work towards becoming a more enlightened Soul.

If you've never practised meditation before think of it as an inward adventure to your own, personal Universe.


Often we miss messages from the Universe because we think “listening” is done only with our ears. It would be more appropriate to use the word “feel” or “sense” because many of us “hear” with different senses to our ears.

You’ve often heard of, and probably experienced the gut-feel, your intuition or instinct guiding you. This is what I mean by “listening”. Personally I get a sensation in my shoulders, soon I instinctively start rolling them, if I don’t take note of the message coming to me, the sensation will move into my neck and then my head. For example; if I’m sleeping, I’ll wake up shaking my head, then I know, action needs to be taken and, because I’ve just awoken, I automatically follow my instincts, which have not been wrong to date.


Find a quiet spot where no one will bother you, put on relaxing, instrumental music, sit or lie down and make yourself comfortable, palms flat on your thighs.

Now think of a personal problem you'd like to resolve. Once you're clear on your mission, close your eyes and take a deep breath, hold it for a count of six, then breath out and hold for a count of six. Continue five or more times until you feel relaxed.

Imagine a black, night sky, you're a beautiful butterfly. Everything is dark except you and a singular ray of light that illuminates your way and highlights the stunning patterns and colours of your magnificent wings.

Focus on the light and ask your inner-self to lead you to your best solution to that problem you have.

As you follow the light, listen, with your whole being, for the answer. Every now and then repeat your question but don’t let your mind wander, just the question, keep following the light and listening.

Once you think you’ve received your answer, follow the same breathing technique as above before opening your eyes and returning to the present.


If your answer doesn't come to you on the first attempt try again in a few hours or the following day until it does.

Thank you for reading, visit me at Ask The Answer - Skylin, reader: 600315 for an insightful, in-depth email, phone or IM Tarot reading.

I look forward to guiding you.



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