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Finding the Divine Comedy

Greetings, friends! 

As a psychic medium, I often navigate the unseen realms, connecting with those who have crossed over and the subtle energies that surround us. But today, on World Laughter Day, I want to celebrate a different kind of energy – the powerful vibration of joy that erupts from a good laugh.


Laughter, in its purest form, is a gift from the divine. It transcends language and culture, reminding us of our shared humanity. When we truly laugh, we connect with something deeper than ourselves. It's a release, a cleansing of the soul, and a bridge to a lighter, more positive frequency.


From a medium's perspective, laughter holds a particular significance. In my experience, the spirit world is brimming with a playful, joyous energy. Our loved ones on the other side don't want us to be bogged down by grief or fear. They want us to celebrate life, and laughter is a universal celebration.


So today, I invite you to embrace the divine comedy within yourself. Let loose that belly laugh you've been holding back. Share a giggle with a friend, watch a funny movie, or reminisce about a hilarious memory. As you laugh, feel the lightness spreading through your being. Imagine it radiating outwards, connecting you to the spirit world, and to the joyful energy that surrounds us all.


Here are some ways to infuse your day with laughter:

  • Spend time with loved ones who make you laugh. Laughter is contagious, so surround yourself with people who bring you joy.
  • Seek out humour in everyday life. Find the funny in the mundane and appreciate the absurdity of the world sometimes.
  • Don't take yourself too seriously. Lighten up and allow yourself to be silly.
  • Remember, laughter is the best medicine. It boosts your mood, strengthens your immune system, and connects you to something bigger than yourself.


As we celebrate World Laughter Day, let's remember that laughter is a spiritual practice. It's a way to connect with our inner joy, with the spirit world, and with the divine light that resides within each of us. So go forth, laugh freely, and spread the joy!


In light and laughter,


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