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Your Negative Thoughts Can Act Like Spells

Ok so there is no way you can be in this world and not have a negative thought. No way! This place is hard and it’s hard on the best of us! But…

How we think, both in the positive and in the negative, can affect people and our negative thoughts can act like a bad kind of spell.

Where do you think the word "spelling" comes from?

We can all become jealous from time to time. Envious even. We can all experience an array of emotions and thoughts towards another but why wish them bad just because they didn’t react or respond or do what you would have liked them to?

We are all human and most certainly come with our own negative thoughts and previous baggage.

Imagine if we understood that everyone is gifted in this life and each and every one of us has exactly what we need to live this life perfectly.

What if we could develop these gifts and realise that if we stop focusing on what others have and start using our own gifts (whatever they may be), then we could all become better friends.

Jealousy and envy only steal from both sides and make us unhappy!

Of course, it is ok to end friendships if they are no longer in line with who we are and who we are becoming, but do not wish them ill will. Wishing them goodbye with light is one of the hardest yet kindest things to do.

Sometimes, this may be a hard thing to do when someone has hurt or betrayed you, however these positive wishes are the very thing that act like a fairy godmother to your own wishes in your own life.

The more of a well-wisher you are, even in amidst of those hard moments, is what brings about the greatest joy of all!

Really, to LOVE is ALL we TRULY have upon this EARTH, both in the giving and in the receiving, and sometimes letting go with Love can be one of the most loving things you can do for both parties involved.

So best to let go and let love even in your goodbyes and switch those negative “spells” into positive ones!

You got this!

Emma Rose

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