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Soul Vs Spirit

I love hearing other people’s views on this. My understanding is that soul is different to spirit (but spirit comes from soul). Spirit is an imprint of the soul. Spirit is like the “stamp” or “print” that is left after the soul has lived that life. That is why souls return and yet the spirit is still there and can be spoken with as the person of that lifetime when we connect beyond the 3D. Some people use the words soul and spirit as one, but it is different in some respects. The spirit “belongs” to the soul or has come from the soul (like tearing a page from a book - the book is the soul, and the page is the spirit). Spirit also connects to soul groups of similar energy. I like to see spirit as a trace of the soul. 


Some people would say that we use the term soul when it is present in a shell, when it’s incarnated into a body for example on Earth (and then spirit when it passes back over). They would say spirit is essence, meaning who you are and that the soul is the higher self and all that you are. 


Souls are most definitely “held” within deeper dimensions. Spirit can be in lower dimensions which is why some people can see them in the 3D. Some would say spirit is everything and everywhere. 


Souls congregate, just as spirit do (both in the 3D and beyond) - this is likely why we recognise like attracts like. Same energy, same frequencies so hanging out as one as it were. You may have heard the phrase “what a beautiful bunch of souls” where someone would be describing a group of people doing good for example. You could also hear someone say, “what a kind spirit they have”. So, in the 3D form you are both. Both soul and spirit (and mind, body, higher self, and expansive consciousness and so on). We are everything. We are all. We are one. 


Here is one way I like to see it. Ice, water, steam. All the same but vibrating differently. You could see soul as the ocean and spirit as the waves, and the spirit goes in and out, just as the tide does. 


One thing for sure is, spirit communicates, and the soul reincarnates (but not always as one). E.g. One soul split into two bodies. 


One way to see it is that we are all spirit until we take on the physical form. Then we are soul and spirit. Our soul is made up of all our experiences (good and bad). Soul growth is about healing. The soul can heal in the inter-life too and we as humans can also heal our souls. We have many layers. Mind, subconscious, spirit, soul, higher self, expansive consciousness - essentially, it’s all about awareness, energy, and wholeness. Everything is energy. 


Your spirit is the intellect of your soul. We feed our soul when we heal, do good, align, and keep positive. 


To summarise here, Michael Newton said this: “spirit creates the soul, soul creates the body”. 


Lots of love, (and bringing you more) Hope xoxo

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