Guest Speaker

Enjoy A Simple Life

What is this roller coaster of life all about? Why does it seem so easy for others yet so difficult at times for you? Where are the instructions to this massive complex world we live in?

Every one of us, even those we do not think have, will find themselves asking the same questions as we do. Life is full of ups and downs, highs and lows, good and bad, it has to be. We have to learn how to deal with what life throws at us, one minute we are happy and content, then from out of nowhere comes a bowling ball so big it knocks us down, do we stay there or do we get back up? some of us may not have the energy to get straight back up, some of us bounce straight back up and carry on as if nothing has happened, either way, whichever we choose it correct as long as we try not choose to stay down and be defeated by life or the world we live in.

The family down the street have it all, good jobs, well behaved children, holidays twice a year, a busy social life, why can't I have that?  I personally know that it does not matter about certain things in life, material things, owning better things than your friends etc, will they remember you in your final years for the nice car you had, or the extension to your house, I doubt it, they will remember you for who you are and were, grumpy, sociable, helpful, a lovely person, so does it really matter if your car is 20 years older than theirs, and who knows you could be more financially secure than those people and not have the daily worry and stress that they do, so does it really matter who has what, it does not matter how 'they' do life, only how you do it.

Life like parenthood comes with no instruction manual, you only get advice along the way. You may be shown how to do things, but no one can show you how to live your life when you are old enough to take on that role. The road can be long or short, but it is irrelevant, how we conduct ourselves, how we respect ourselves and others, and how we share love and kindness is all that matters. Life is not as complex as we think only as complex as we make it or allow others to make it.

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