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Ups And Downs In Life


To understand why we experience ups and downs in our life, my spiritual teachers tell me it would be wise to become aware of the turbulence and constrain of our life experiences; based on thoughts and feelings which are not in harmony with our emotional needs being fulfilled. Within the human condition, fearful thoughts usually produce great turbulence of negative thought followed by desire for solutions or options. Subconsciously, patterns of thought that have been accepted in the past sometimes distort our understanding of our power to choose love over fear. Habitual thoughts that are accepted into the subconscious mind will run in the background and attract to our experience the daily experiences we give attention to. These bondings to limited thoughts that are unloving go against the very nature of the love we are. As we adapt unloving thoughts about ourselves or others, we block our heart Chakra. A blocked heart Chakra can only be block by unloving heart that entertains judgment and unloving thoughts.   

Regular meditation within the silence where there is no thought, only the silence, attracts love to the heart through desire. But further to meditations, it would be wise to be non judgmental of the progress. This is where the ego takes over and blocks true understanding of the inner teacher of love. The ego tends to compare progress rather than allow deep mediation to dissolve the turbulence of up and down thoughts which produce highs and lows or mood swings. Meditation has to be constant as it reduces the turbulence coming from the fearful thoughts which produces the turbulence. But when fear takes hold of our focus we are captivated by being powerless which causes procrastination, doubt and lack of action in our thoughts due to being stuck.

When selfish desires ego driven then become our focus we tend to see the need to defend our selfish desires forgetting that what we give attention and focus to will attract into our life the very things we do not wish for.

I have experienced with some people who put a lot of effort into the practice of meditation only partial reduction of the self negative talk being cleansed. The reason is the subtle system is far more vast than one can realize. My teacher tells me that the separate mind cannot transform itself by limited thinking alone. The empty mind would be wise to desire merging with spiritual energy of love. When spiritual energy finds an opening in the separate mind, awareness happens and by acting on new awareness, wisdom is achieved. While the displacement of negative thought is occurring, mind is captivated of the inner feeling of love. In its absence, love is experienced without any desire other than to experience the nature of ones being. One can meditate till the cows come home but without love, one will not experience peace, joy and fulfilment. Without fulfilment, needful thoughts start judging and then the ego has won. Without love, one cannot cleanse the separate conscious mind of the ups and downs of everyday life. By adopting the principle of love, it changes the subtle body. The mind, the memory and the subtle body take on the remembrance of the love we all have just glimpse at.

I have experienced within my own path that rather than struggle with my own negative thinking, I needed a new approach. I ask my inner teacher for a solution. What came into my awareness was the idea to eliminate indirectly my focus on trying to control my thoughts, but to give them over to spirit and direct my focus and attention to accept an increase flow of love by filling my mind with spiritual energy of love. Desire contact with spiritual energy vivifies our whole being, body mind, and subtle regions. Love neutralizes our negative thought pattern and constrains distorting hurtful memories. It enlivens and empowers our whole being, which we can give love to others through our thoughts, words and being.

The human condition is aimlessly sinking in their own mental steam of fear and lack of trust by not knowing that guidance is available within the silence of a pure mind. A constant flow of spiritual energy is available, if one could entangle itself from fear, doubt and focus on negative outcomes.

I have found that the purpose of meditation is not to experience phenomena but to welcome the peace and vibration of love which I know will open the doors to Divine Wisdom, which will lead to truth of conscious and the Divine self. Daily communion with the presence of love felt every day, can and will transform our fear and lack of trust. This will in turn create less separation which will transform the fear in the mind and opens one up to expand their own Spiritual reality. Then the ego opens to love allowing the balance of the mind to be still and at rest. This experience allows one to surrender to love and maintain the bond to love, knowing greater awareness and reason to surrender to the true beloved. The intense stream of love experienced cannot be described; there are no words to describe it. As the separate mind is now captivated, a new awareness of what love, is presents itself to those who seek the truth of their being.

If you desire contact with your own spiritual self or a have unanswered questions and feel drawn to what I have written, please call me. My name is Thomas PIN 500126

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