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Dreams And Communication

The symbolism we experience in our dreams is similar to the imagery drawn from shared experience of myths stories and shared universal collection of images that we now know as archetypal representations of people situations and problems to be understood. Dreaming is part of a developing consciousness and a widening of an expanded consciousness. I learned that my dreams were communication from the deeper self when I was in my teens. Our dreams are communication from other levels of our being. Most dreams come from our subconscious minds. In some cases, our dreams come from the level of spirit from the deeper soul not yet discovered. When one becomes aware of their dreams, a whole new world opens up to be explored. With new discovery and new awareness, one can be fit from paying attention to their dreams. The process of sleep goes from the awaken state to the subliminal state until eventually we arrive at the deep sleep stage. From my own experiences we received dreams and visions in the subliminal state.

The subliminal state of mind happens just as we lose consciousness of the world of form. The subliminal state is directed by what we focus on through our fearfully thoughts where the mind is not at rest yet. The consciousness mind is always guarding the accepted belief of the subjective conscious mind, who we know as the gate keeper. It will not let any thought that might be different to be accepted as truth; hence it is rejected by the conscious mind in the less aware person. Spirit works with everyone at the universal level. Since the language of the subconscious mind is symbols, they have being used throughout history to advise and warn us of pending action to change our focus and beware. The bible and other holy books are filled with symbols. Consciousness is symbolizes as clear water, as we live and have our life experience in the Divine. My inner teacher and guides convey to me that surface subconscious dreams are triggered by physical stimuli, and their meaning is obvious. Dreams from the deeper levels of being reveal desires, fears, hope and possibilities that could manifest in time with change in our self limiting beliefs attitudes and mentalities.

Imagery and symbolism is simple to work with when one examines their dreams, one find they make up a series of pictures and each is depicting symbols and ideas that create a story to be given careful attention to. As one carries out dream analysis, we learn about our deeper desires and hidden fears. When I analyse dreams, I use a method taught to me by my own inner guidance. So for practical dream analysis, one could follow certain categories and question the subconscious mind. What fears do I accept as true? What am I doing about these fears if anything are they from the subconscious mind or are they coming from deeper levels within my consciousness? Subconscious dreams tend to create fearful thoughts and experiences. On the other hand, dream visitations come from within the awaken heart not the subconscious mind and one becomes aware of feedings of love and Divine wisdom which resonate with a perception change of consciousness. The next type are desire dreams which are filled with problems to solve and deep rooted fear that have being accepted into the subconscious mind. These teach us to become less dogmatic and open our closed limited mind to new perceptions, ideas and rejection of possible investment in false truth accept as truth by the separate mind. After taken action we start to trust Divine guidance and see our lives transforming by application of knowledge to wisdom. After fearful dreams our focus and attention become fear. We are condition to accept fearful thought becoming powerless. Dreams that create clarity release us from our fearful thoughts, hence we bring our attention and focus into the now moment, not fearing the future.

Dream analysis can give greater understanding of the self. I work with a group of teachers who I feel as presence of various vibrations relating to their specialization. A lot of my clients have dreams about the body parts which usually are about the feminine and masculine aspect of our being. Either we are block from our thought desire or we are associating our fear as an excuse to procrastinate and not act on new perceptions. Human emotional needs are conveyed by dream visitation, where feelings of love are felt within the body that come at the deepest level when we cry out for spiritual help.

The developing human awareness of consciousness is always changing due to new discoveries and new perceptions.  My ongoing work with my inner teacher are instructing me on predictive dreams and visitations dreams which are helping me understand dream mental thought forms coming into my awareness. Being aware of the idea the thoughts become ideas and these ideas will manifest in due course depending on trust. Mental thoughts always travel to where one focus their thoughts on and do enter their desired point of attraction. This helps me understand relationships and inter dynamics within the aura, and why misunderstandings happen. Solutions are intuitively given to me as well as the energy of love, truth and wisdom which is experienced within my body awareness.

If you feel I can be of any help to your awakening consciousness, I am happy to guide and advise to create clarity for your dreams. My name is Thomas and my PIN 500126.




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