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Many people ask me 'will I be happy?' To be perfectly honest, this depends entirely on your outlook. It depends on how you look at life, if you wake up and make the choice that today will be amazing and look at today as a gift from God, and then without doubt your day will be far more positive than it will be negative.

Energy is the vibration that emanates through your body and determines how you are feeling, so if you are sending out negative vibrations then you will bring about a negative outcome. Versus if you are sending out positive vibrations which will bring forth a positive outcome.

Truth is not always what we see directly in front of us, the reason for this is not everyone is overtly honest. Most people hide behind a mask of some sort to protect themselves from getting hurt.

We have a tendency to paint ourselves in the most favorable light, but let’s get down to the real truth here, everyone has a dark side, and it’s no use denying it because it’s imprinted in your DNA

An example I will use is with Aries, which is my sign, we are charmers, we are energetic we always have to be number one and there is no place for second best, so we have a powerful drive to achieve and succeed. Now the downside is we are short tempered, anger easily, impatient and moody.

I don't deny it, I have zero patience I like instant gratification, but I place myself in situations where I am forced to practice being patient. For example, I am currently working on getting my associates degree as a paralegal. This will probably take me the better half of this year, if not two years.

Therefore I am forced to be patient because I can scream and shout that I want my degree now, but until I finish with sixty credits that won't happen. We need to acknowledge who we are and why we are the way we are, it’s pointless to hide behind a mask and pretend to be someone who we aren't because you cannot run from yourself.

Many people want to experience joy, but joy does not simply fallout from thin air, it takes work to be happy, it takes discipline and commitment. Because you are committing to yourself that you will listen internally to the whispers of your spirit, which will serve as a guide and nudge you in the right direction.

In the tarot there are two cards I love getting when I do a spread, they are the devil, which is about indulgence, Indulgence is not always a bad thing, that's a misconception, like everything else it depends on the dosage we take, too much indulgence is not a good thing it’s like eating too much candy, tastes good when you are eating it, but an hour later, you feel sick and regret the over-indulgence.

The devil card is more don't deny the spirit what it craves; it’s suggesting you follow your intuition rather than over-analyzing the situation. The death card is more in order to find what you want and move to the next chapter in your life, you must first complete the chapter you are on, and make sure it’s nice and tidy. For example if you want to be with the man you love, and ask will you ever be together for a long time, karma will only allow this if you both are in that spiritual space.

On the other-hand if you both are married to other people, then karma will put obstacles in your path until you clear the road ahead of you, which means one chapter must be complete, the marriage you have must come to an end, before you can consider a new life with another person.

Karma does not like untidiness or loose-ends, and the rewards are worth it, you will get what you desire provided your intention is clean and so is your karma, thus we must always be aware of our energy and how our energy and actions affect others, and how our energy or actions does benefit us and others.
Is this more negative and are we draining others or thus allowing our own energy to become drained.

We must answer these questions, 'what is your intention?'
How is your intention beneficial to your life?
Is it bringing joy and fulfillment to you? Or draining you?
How does this impact others who are around you?
Do you feel guilty? Or do you feel excited about this new challenge?

Is it reachable? Or fantastic? Can you see yourself in that situation and finally how long do you expect it to take you?

I'd love to help you, call me now I'm on extension, 600171

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Being Happy

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