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Dreams And The Tower Card


I have had prophetic and premonitory dreams my whole life. Usually, my dreams are filled with metaphor and give wisdom for what is coming down the track in my life, as if my soul is being prepared in advance for the things that are coming.

Maybe it is because I am a Sagittarius, but transport has been a major theme in my Dream Life. I have had times in my life when I have been very prosperous, working as a Corporate Executive Assistant and getting to take my boss’ Mercedes home at night! Other times, I have had to deal with being homeless, together with my children. Thankfully, we are no longer there as I now own my own home outright, a 20 acre country estate , so things are looking up for us once again!

My transport dreams have reflected this. When we were prospering before, I’d dream I was driving the Merc and that everything was going well! But hard times were on the horizon, we had some Tower Card times coming with Ice Cream and a Cherry Glace’ on top and there was nothing that I could do about it!

These times were to result not only in a massive reduction in our net wealth; they also had dangers associated with them that I hope I never have to face again! In this dream, I was driving my employer’s Merc, with my children in the back seat and everything was going well. We were on a freeway, when suddenly the car went away and we were all riding bicycles. Later on, the bicycles also disappeared and we were walking. Suddenly, I looked behind us and a massive dragon rose up from behind an overpass and began to chase us. We were running and screaming with the dragon hot on our tail, when suddenly I found myself in my old high school, running across the rugby field with my children still in tow. As we kept running, I saw some trees and ran for them.  I knew there was a path there that led to my childhood home, where I knew we would be safe, (this is another recurring dream, I’m always going back there in my dreams!) and as soon as we reached that path I awoke! The Dragon didn’t catch us, we all made it onto the path home and somehow, once we were on that path, the Dragon was unable to touch us!

What did this dream tell me?  To start with, it was a massive heads up, that there was trouble, danger and poverty ahead! But there was also a reassurance that we would get through these hard times, that ultimately this was an important and necessary lesson for us and that all the good times would eventually return (this was the path to my Parent’s House, full of happiness,  art, classical music, antiques and culture). 

This is an important thing to realize, that when the Tower Card appears in a Spread, it always portends difficulty, but the hardship has a purpose. Through these difficult times, we went from living in a Suburban House (that I owned) to my Country Estate (that I was able to purchase with the proceeds of my House Sale!) Had the Bad Times not happened, we would probably still be living in town, I wouldn’t be able to have horses (yes, another Sagittarian Obsession!) my son (who is now in his late teens) would not have met his good natured, beautiful, witty and intelligent Girlfriend (who is involved with the local Pony Club) and to cut a long story short, our lives would not have the quality we now enjoy. Within just a few years, we will again have the prosperity level we used to enjoy, but in a better locale with more land and nicer people around us!

I have come to see (this was the Lesson that was taught by my Dream) that even the bad times in our lives can serve a useful purpose. What no longer serves us well can be swept away during these times, but if we are open to it, the Powers of Heaven can install something even better in their place!

A key part of me getting through the bad times in my life has been listening to the messages being given in my Dreams, and also, using the Wisdom of the Tarot to know what to do. If you are facing challenging times in your own life, I am sure that I can use my Heavenly Gifts to help you, even as I used them to help myself, so if you are facing difficulties, feel free to give me a call!

My name is Guineith, my extension is 500596 and I look forward to hearing from you soon!  

The Tower

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