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Do Ghosts Exist?

Do Ghosts Exist?

The descriptions of ghosts range from an invisible presence, to barely visible wispy shapes, to realistic, lifelike forms. 

Well, I have been Psychic since my childhood, and as I have never seen one I am rather sceptical about whispering floaty beings.  Energy, however is a different thing.   Our souls leave our body at the point of death; they do not hang around in wardrobes or hide in attics like so many films suggest.  Nor do they land in the man-made illusion of heaven or hell. However, the energy of a soul can linger and can send messages if he or she wants to.  At 8 years old, my family moved into a grand old house. I ran to my allocated bedroom with excitement. There was an old iron bed with an army uniform neatly laid out and a lot of dead bees all around the skirting boards. I was not to put off by it but I did think it odd.  I returned downstairs and asked my mum, “Is that bed going to be taken out? And what is with all the bees?”

She replied “What are you talking about, the room is totally empty.”

On returning up there, it was indeed empty.   I was later told the house belonged to an army captain whose hobby was bee keeping.  

In 2015, my dad died, it was quite sudden. My mum had terminal cancer so we thought she would be the first to go, but no.  Although his body had gone, he was still there, and my mum felt it too.  He was laughing away at his own funeral.  I rang her daily and asked what’s dad up to today?  She always had a story to tell of his antics. A couple of months later she died. It should have been horrendous, but I knew they were together and happy.

Nobody knows for sure, what happens when our bodies are gone and where we end up thereafter. However, I do believe that death is not the end.  But as for ghost like figures hovering around in floaty attire, I find this hard to believe.    What do you think?


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