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Do You Believe In The Supernatural?

On a typical day on our morning commute, wherever we are in the country, we are almost bound to pass a church. The steeple that towers over us was designed with the sole purpose of directing our wishes and messages in the direction of the heavens.

When we arrive at our destination, there's every likelihood there will be someone in our office named Garry or Claire. The meanings of these names are 'spear' and 'light' respectively. A recent poll revealed that, contrary to what we might imagine, it was not sonorous appeal but meaning that was the prime factor for most parents when choosing a name for their unborn child. The belief that the meaning of a name will influence the character is undeniably a belief in the supernatural.

When we hear a co worker sneeze, we automatically say "Bless you". When they go for an interview for a potential promotion, we say "good luck".

If our journey home presents a short cut through a graveyard, a great number of us confess to avoiding this route as "it's a bit spooky!" The less faint hearted among us, will cut through the cemetery, paying little or no heed to the souls buried there, however no matter how distracted we may be, we never tread on the graves. These examples apply to everyone, from the staunchest agnostics to the most deeply spiritual people.  

The supernatural is clearly deeply embedded in our history and culture. For most, the pandemic provided a combination of free time and solitude, coupled with great fear and uncertainty; therefore, it's little wonder that many experienced a spiritual awakening or rebirth and looked to higher powers for the answers and salvation that our mortal leaders failed to provide.

We live in a time where information on any conceivable subject and answers to almost any question are available at the click of a button. Yet despite this revolution undoubtedly having made our earthly lives easier, spiritually it offers nothing.

With all that in mind, however complex your predicament, be your questions trivial or literally a matter of life or death, consider this; since the dawn of time, the human soul has somehow always found a way to solve problems and to find solutions and ways of surviving in the face of whatever disaster has befallen us.

Just as there are those of us who were born with the gift to sing like an angel, to run like the wind, there are those who have a different, more profound gift. Just as there are those who inherit land, or a great fortune from their forebears, there are those of us who have inherited knowledge, ancient secrets and wisdom.

Once your reading is over today, take a moment to notice the renewed sense of balance and peace you feel. The answers are all out there waiting to be found, if only you look in the right places.

Till our roads rise to meet again,

Maggie – PIN 500194

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