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Dealing with bereavement - A celebration of life

When a loved one departs from the physical world and leaves the physical body, which has been on loan to each and every person, of various shapes and sizes, and goes back home, yes home to Spirit from whence they came before they came to the Earth plane; obviously their loved ones are grief stricken, saddened by the loss of their loved ones.  I was too when my son died aged 16 weeks.


We mourn their physical bodies, we want them back, for ourselves, for them to be close to us so we can be near them, hug them again, talk to them, see them, know they are there, and tell them we love them.  However no one knows when the clock will strike the time to go back home, whether it will be 94 years young, 16 weeks, 31, 55 or 70 years young.

It is very hard to lose a loved one because we care, we love and we are a part of them and them a part of us.

However, that never ever changes, they remain a part of us and we them, just because they have no physical body, that does not mean our loved ones are not there, and they are close by.  Just because we cannot see, hear or speak to them doesn’t mean they don’t exist, of course they do, they just wear a different coat to us, they are of course on a different vibration, a higher lighter vibration, a love vibration. 

They are still around us, love us, look in on us try to guide and help us on our paths as well as developing within the spiritual planes.  They are not gone, they are just invisible to some people within the physical plane. 

We all have come here to the earth to complete a soul journey, with whatever that journey may be, we have encountered many people, many paths and many lives which has touched many hearts and souls and which remains with us forever.  Memories stay with us within our hearts, souls and minds. However one thing is for sure, our journeys and paths were meant to come together, meant to meet, to be a part of each other’s lives for how long the duration of the physical life existed.  The divine light within each of us never ever dims whether in the physical or the spirit world it just transfers back home, how can it when we are spirit eternal, when we are energy and that is essentially whom we are, so we cannot perish, only the body perishes, after all we are part of the divine source.

So talk to your loved ones, they can hear you, thank them for sharing their journey with you in this physical life as one day we will all meet again.  There is no separation, just a cylindrical door, birth and physical death – as one door opens another one closes as goes the cycle of life. 

I look it as this, there are 2 birthdays for my son, 1 when he was born when the physical world rejoiced and then 2nd Birthday when the Spirit world rejoiced when he returned home, a Celebration of the work they have done on the earth plane and a welcoming back home to Spirit;  a lot can be accomplished in such duration and we do not know what the person’s sojourn was but am grateful and humble for them sharing it with me.

In all A Celebration Of Life.

Angelic Light

Many Blessings

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