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Crystal Visions Tarot Competition

Ask The Answer are delighted to be joining up with the truly wonderful Jennifer Galasso (, author of the esteemed Crystal Visions tarot deck, to give away TWO FREE DECKS to two lucky tarot fans. To enter the draw, just sign up to our mailing list at To give you a taster of this beautiful deck, our friend @Victoria Moon Tarot has reviewed her very own well-worn and well-loved Crystal Visions deck.
Don't worry, Victoria's deck may have a little bit of wear and tear, but the FREE DECKS will be brand new and beautifully wrapped! Voted as one of the top ten tarot decks ever made, The Crystal Visions Tarot Deck has been delighting and inspiring readers with it's beautiful artwork and delicate, uplifting colour schemes. Along with her tarot deck, Jennifer writes captivating Y.A fantasy fiction and hosts a number of online workshops, so don't forget to check out her site if you're a fan of all thing mystical.

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