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Colours and Auras: What Do They Mean?


Colours are everywhere. They are all around us - beautifully created, blended, shaded. They are seen through the eye and then absorbed by us into our being and into our energy.

Some colours are seen, some colours are unseen, but all are linked into and within our energy in some way. Colours surround us and are a part of all of us; part of our soul, part of our living body and part of our most inner being. At any given point in time all of us are surrounded by our personal array of colours known as our aura. Our own individual aura is a visual representation of our inner energies and our vibrations, and they are linked to our emotions, our physical and mental health and our energy as spiritual beings.

There are many colours (far too many to mention here) but every single colour has a meaning and our energies connect us to them, not only on this physical plane, but also to those who have passed to the spirit world.

Reds and pinks: These hues traditionally represent romance, passion, intensity, strength and love

Blues and greens:  These colours are linked to nature and are calming and relaxing

Yellows and oranges: These are symbols of vitality and of life, freshness, new beginnings and vivaciousness

Purples: These very beautiful shades are the most spiritual colour, full of creativity, imagination and independence 

There are many more colours and shades in between those outlined above. Some of them overlap into more than one stream of colour and their meanings become even deeper.

Take a moment to look around you just right now and you will see you are surrounded by colours. Choose just one to focus on and let that colour fill your mind, body and soul. Allow it to flow into your body and mind. Feel it washing over you. How does it make you feel?

There are no right or wrong answers here. Each of us as individuals connect with different colours in different ways, and what one person finds appealing another may not. We all subconsciously interpret those colours, sometimes without even realising this is happening. Try surrounding yourself, or wearing something of a certain colour or placing something within your home and take a few moments of your time to consciously see how a certain colour makes you feel and how you absorb it. Does it make you feel happy and positive? Calm and relaxed? Perhaps full of energy?

Colours play a part in all of my readings. I am shown colours linked to your being and I am able to feel their energy and what they are bringing to you. Along with my guides I can feel, see and sense the colours that surround you, are linked to your inner being (soul) and that are connected to your physical being. Let’s explore these meanings together!


Every Blessing,

Faith Louise - PIN 600710


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