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Christmas: Not Just for the Kids

Being a bit of a country body, I love winter more than the baking hot summer. I enjoy the sunny frosty mornings. I love to put my big thick coat on and get walking or horse riding as it can be so rewarding on the brightest winter days, seeing the frost glisten across the fields and trees so you can see nature still at work and the squirrels hunting for nuts, the deer monk jack walking about and the buzzards flying in the sky. I suggest putting a bird table in the garden for the birds and watch the birds eat from your kitchen window. Winter is a time where we have the chance to recharge our batteries and contemplate the things we want to do in the new year. Therefore, I recommend lots of walks, good food time to meditate and think things through. A time to sleep in when you're not working, a time to reconnect with family. I also enjoy taking pictures of the frosty mornings. A walk around a national trust property is also great for the kids to get them away from computers and burn off some energy. Stargazing is usually very rewarding too, this time of year you can see Orion in the sky.

At home with the fire on during dark cloudy wet days, spend time looking at photos and put them on the fireplace. Loved ones that have passed somehow always feel closer to us at Christmas than they do any other time of the year. So, for me, it's about honouring the memories of Christmases past. As children, we used to make memory cards to hang on the tree of loved ones that have passed and it's a tradition that we've kept.

During Christmas dinner we always celebrate together, everybody who comes to the dinner table has contributed towards the Christmas Day dinner in some way.  So, get your hot toddies going or your hot chocolate. Colour therapy is great to do this time of year, with tartan colour blanks. Many a good time to start or rejuvenate old hobbies to keep you twiddling your thumbs on wet days.


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