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Obsidian Mirrors and Their Use

On your next visit to the British Museum in London, you might come across one of my favourite exhibits. The Obsidian mirror, as used by Elizabethan Magus Dr John Dee who lived from 1527-1609, stands in order of place in case Number 20 of the Enlightenment Galleries amongst other items from his own collection. On first glance you would be forgiven for thinking you were looking at a fancy chopping board, the type you hang from a hook in your kitchen, as the shape resembles one so much.

The mirror, or shew-stone, was made from highly polished volcanic glass. Dee was a fan of using this type of mirror in his clairvoyance. It is said he connected to the Angels through this very mirror, who guided him in his many great works and experiments.

However, the origin of Obsidian mirrors dates back much earlier than this period. Ancient Mexicans used the mirrors, known to them as Tezcatl, which means smoking mirror for divination and astral travel. The Aztech God Tezcatlipoca is often depicted in statues as holding such a mirror, symbolising the cross over between worlds.

My own journey with Obsidian began about 25 years ago, when I was browsing around a crystal shop, and I saw the most incredible crystal ball. I had never seen anything like it. It was deep black and as the light hit it, it appeared to have a spiral of tiny sparks of light disappearing into the centre. I must have stood there for at least ten minutes meditating on the sphere receiving many different mental images I did not understand at the time. I knew this was the crystal I needed to work with, hence it became the first of my collection.

The mirror I now work with is a more traditional oval shape and, since it has been in my life, I have felt like an old friend is by my side. I love Tarot, of course, but the Mirror has a special quality when used side by side in readings. By connecting with the Mirror I can often see events past, future or present but usually I have special messages to give to those seeking advice and information clairvoyantly. I use it in exactly the same way as one would use a clear quartz crystal ball.

When I was first starting out on my psychic journey, I tried working with many different clear quartz balls and to my extreme frustration, could never master them. In fact, I probably tried a bit too hard and, in the end, gave up. The day in the crystal shop when I found my Obsidian ball, visions came easily, and since then I have used no other type of stone for scrying. 

Now I have a collection, not least a pendant I call my portable shew-stone which I wear on a necklace and works as well as all the others for me. I would certainly recommend Obsidian as a psychic tool, especially if you are not finding clear quartz easy to use. 

Samantha X

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