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Chakra Meditation


This Charka Meditation as found in “Angela McGerr books called “A HARMONY OF ANGELS” on Pg 26. It has been changed slightly for copy right reasons. I went to the library and got loads of books on different flowers because I felt no everyone likes the same flowers, so chose the flower you love according to each Chaka colouring.

At all times you need to be comfortable, so therefore get yourself seated comfortably in a chair or on the floor and try not to be disturbed for at least 20 mins.

Turned off the phone, mobile phone, radio and TV. Quiet is necessary. Ideally the children are at school and the new baby having a nap if you have recently been blessed with a new additional to the family.

Take 3 slow, deep breaths in and out and focus on your inner self

As you breathe inwards, imagine you are breathing in a pure white light. Whilst breathing out imagine that you are expelling all anger, fear, worry or stress and feel yourself relaxing and becoming calm.

Now feel tiny roots growing from your feet into the floor and these roots continue to grow into the ground.

Now visualize each chakra as a closed flower bud, ready to open into full bloom.

Picture them in turn, starting with the base chakra. First see the ruby red rosebud opening. For those that are not in love with the rose, the other red flowers you could use are as follows: Dwarf Peter Pan Zinnia. Flanders Poppy. Red Pansy, Red Tulip.

Follow this with an orange flower. Suggestions are as follows: Begonia (light orange/peach colour) Chiffon Orange Poppy, Dwarf Orange Marigold, Orange Calendula, Orange Pansy, and Orange Tiger Lily.

Follow this with a yellow flower. Suggestions are as follows: Daffodil, Dwarf Yellow Marigold. Frisco Rose, Sunflower, Yellow Calendula, Yellow Tiger Lily, Yellow Pansy, Yellow Tulip.

Follow this with a pink flower. Why because pink is the colour of Venus with is the sign that rules love – the heart chakra. Suggestions are as follows: Belladonna Lily, Blue Moon Rose, Everlasting Daisy, Flamingo Rose, Pink Water Lily and Peony Poppy.

Follow this with a blue flower. Suggestions are as follows: Blue Lace Flower, Blue Pimpernel, California Bluebell, Cornflower, and Meconopsis.

Follow this with a purple flower. Suggestions are as follows: Canterbury Bells, Love in the Mist, Prairie Gentian, Purple Anemone, Purple Iris, Purple Pansy, Solanum, Vanilla Rose, Vinca and Viola.

Finally with a white flower. Suggestions are as follows: Arum Lily, Corncockle, Dahlia, Madonna Lilly, Mexican Crepe Poppy, Periwinkle, White Anemone, White Calla Lilly and White Iris.

Now imagine the Universal Source pouring a stream of white gold energy into your chosen White flower and then the liquid descending in a line down the stem into your crown (you may actually feel a physical sensation).

Now this energy travels down through each flower until it reaches your Chosen Red flower until it splits into two energy streams which travel down to your feet; with practice, you will be able to feel the energy reaching your toes.

Now in ascending order visualize each flower, from the base to the crown, closing back into the bud. Each is sealed with gold and connected by a thread of light to the Universal Source.


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Chakra Meditation

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